“Quebecers were excited to see their artists” -François Legault

«Les Québécois ont hâte de revoir leurs artistes» -François Legault

The provincial government and its ministry of Culture will announce in the coming days of financial aid programs to help the productions, said the prime minister, François Legault, in his press briefing, Monday.

The first ad for the culture, last Friday [re-opening of the museums, libraries and drive-ins], had raised some eyebrows several who felt that they were rather modest.

Monday, François Legault has wanted to be reassuring. “Common sense tells us that there are productions, while respecting the two meters, which can be possible. ”

“Quebecers were excited to see their artists, he added. I think it would be good for the morale of Quebec. We are going to do more than less of this side financially, so that all of the productions that one is able to do, with the new standards, to be able to do it quickly. ”

Shoots this summer ?

In a video that she has sent to its members last weekend, the president of the Union of Artists, Sophie Prégent, had good news to announce. “The middle of the drama is very likely to turn this summer,” she said.

In recent weeks, the Union of Artists has been invited to participate on two committees with the government on the resumption of the activities : the audio-visual and the performing arts.

In the case of the audiovisual sector, the UDA has received a first draft of the guide to health standards, last Wednesday. “We made suggestions, we pointed and asked for things,” said Ms. Prégent.

According to the president, if everyone sticks to what there is in the guide, and if there is no improvisation, the artists in the audiovisual sector will be able to return to work safely.

Extend the PCU

In regard to the arts of the stage, Sophie Prégent was less optimistic. “The arts of the stage, it is complex. There are several areas and in addition to this, is added the public. As you know, the gatherings are still prohibited. “She added that the guide of the health standards in the arts of the stage is not ready, even if it is in progress.

The chair also indicated that she would contact this week canadian Heritage to consider the possible extension of the Provision of canadian emergency.

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