Queen consort Camilla positive for COVID-19

Queen Consort Camilla positive for COVID-19


Queen Consort Camilla, wife of King Charles III, has tested positive for COVID-19 and has canceled all public engagements this week, Buckingham Palace announced on Monday.

C This is the second time Camilla, 75, has been infected with the virus. She had already had it a year ago, shortly after her husband.

“After suffering from symptoms of a cold, Her Majesty the Queen Consort tested positive for the COVID virus “, said the palace in a brief statement.

“With regret, she has thus canceled all her public engagements this week and presents her sincere apologies to those who were to participate”, adds the text.< /p>

Long unloved by the British who saw her as a homewrecker, Prince Charles' ex-mistress finally married him in 2005.

According to the wishes expressed by the late Queen Elizabeth II, Camilla became queen consort when Charles became king with the death of her mother on September 8.

She is to be crowned alongside Charles III on May 6 at the Abbey of Westminster.