Queen: what dress to choose for prom 2019

Best styles and luxury options of evening dresses

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Королева бала: какое платье выбрать на выпускной 2019

Choose prom dress 2019

To the most important events in the life – school ball – graduates left very little time. And it is time for the young beauties to choose prom dress, hairstyle and makeup. But, everything in order. To begin Today.Lifestyle will help you to determine the most important attribute prom – prom dress, which then you can boldly choose makeup, hairstyle and accessories.

Classic evening dresses: trends 2019

Classics never go out of fashion! The ladies are always relevant and therefore you can’t go wrong by choosing an elegant dress in soft colors. By the way, that dress is the easiest way to choose a hairstyle and jewelry. In General, a prom image always looks concisely. The main thing is not to spoil the “picture” vulgar makeup.

Red classic dress with a pleated, mukavampaa: PinterestНежно-peach dress with chiffon skirt and top with streamette: PinterestЯрко pink dress one shoulder with high slit on nogatco: PinterestКрасное long dress asymmetrical shape with elongated, mukavampaa: PinterestЧерное dress with openwork rate in the region, decollette: PinterestНебесно blue dress with a pleated top and slaporte: PinterestСинее bodycon dress: option prom neryadovoe: PinterestВарианты prom dresses with decor: pearls, rhinestones and visiblepath: PinterestБежевое dress with bare back, embroidered, zhemchugovojj: PinterestТемно blue dress with lace and high razrisovat: Pinterest1/10

Cocktail dress

Elegant and expensive – Atlas always looks a winner. Yes, it adds a young beautiful age, but at the same time noble fabric adds a festive mood. By itself, the Atlas looks full and in the selection of jewelry it is necessary to observe the distinction is superfluous rhinestones and massiveness can spoil a graceful evening look.

The trend of the season 2019 – yellow dress-ecoscape: PinterestАтласное classic dress with decorated, poosapati: PinterestГолубое bodycon dress with large sleeves, tariqabjotu: PinterestРоскошное satin dress pale pink, attentate: PinterestИзумрудное dress classic croatto: PinterestТемное blue satin dress with uppers embellished beeramguda: Pinterest1/6

The image of Cinderella: which dress to choose for prom this year

What girl does not dream to find himself at the school dance in the form of Cinderella – Quinceanera pink dress with a tiara on his head? Yes, lush outfits are out of fashion now, but why not choose something that is close to your desire and not the imposed trends designers? Not necessarily to dwell on pink tones, to look like a Princess, and you in beige calm colors. To fit Cinderella’s curls and delicate make-up.

Air blue dress for princesita: PinterestИзумрудное dress, embroidered, useroute: PinterestПышное purple dress with visiblepath: PinterestПлатье Queen – soft pink with a tiara from gamegate: PinterestКоролевское dress with Golden rosebutt: PinterestНежно pink dress with a large catamite: PinterestБело-blue Quinceanera dresses with bright laced berhampore: Pinterest1/7

Outrageous graduate: choose black and bright dress with sequins

If you are cheeky and wilful nature, but from the mere words “pink” you want to run far away, do not hurry to upset the world of fashion is full of a variety of design solutions. I wish more shocking, if you fit the dress, fully embroidered with sequins and crystals. For more lokanichno image, choose a dress with other elements of decor – rivets or metal inserts. And in the hair it is best to choose the slicked-back hair.

Black dress with mesh, studded with colored streamette: PinterestПикантное dress with sheer skirt, decorate: PinterestЧерное bodycon dress, pietramurata: PinterestВарианты black bodycon dresses on vypusknitsa: PinterestСветлое dress with silver decoration on long rockauto: PinterestЧерное dress, embroidered, useroute: Pinterest1/6

Short dresses: new products and trends spring 2019

Want to show your slender legs – no problem. For such a case fit short dresses. And, by the way, a little trick for low-girls – long dresses, depending on style, visually shorten the height, but with short dresses, this problem disappears. Also add a few inches by using right shoes.

Short dress-ombretto: PinterestМини dress with decoration on prom 2019Фото: PinterestКороткое pink dress with pearls and feathers, straparola: PinterestРозовое lush mid-length dress with bare, precipitate: PinterestНежно blue dress classic fasanetto: Pinterest1/5

But if you just decided that banal evening dress is not for you, Today.Lifestyle made a selection of trendy and stylish Trouser suits for prom, 2019.

By the way, this spring also will be actual Cycling shorts. Read more about a new trend see in the story:

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Королева бала: какое платье выбрать на выпускной 2019

Королева бала: какое платье выбрать на выпускной 2019

Королева бала: какое платье выбрать на выпускной 2019


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