Quentin Tarantino: I just love to watch “Man-amphibian”

The Director presented his ninth film “One day in Hollywood”

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Квентина Тарантино: Я просто обожал смотреть "Человек-амфибию"

Quentin Tarantino

Hollywood Director Quentin Tarantino, who had previously declared their withdrawal from the movie, arrived in Moscow to present their ninth film “Once in Hollywood“. At a press conference the star, the Director told a lot of interesting, in particular, that as a child he loved to watch the Soviet film “the amphibian Man”, based on the novel by Alexander Belyaev. It is reported by Telegram-channel Mash, which published broadcast performances Tarantino.

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“If I were making a movie about a little Tarantino, there was one Russian film that knows little Quentin – “Man-amphibian”. I didn’t even know he’s Russian, I watched it on TV, and I really liked it. The fact that America is a “Man-amphibian” was never shown in cinemas, it duplicated and gave it to the telly. I included the 9-th channel, and in the early 1970s, there are often shown this movie. I just loved,” said the Director.

Quentin Tarantino on brad pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio

“I’m with both actors worked before. They already knew that I write a new script and wanted to read it. I offered them these roles and they (pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. – Ed.), fortunately, agreed.”


“We had to recreate the relationship between the actor and his understudy. Usually, the understudy is 10 years older than the actor, and we was in the movie: brad is older than Leo by about 10 years.”


Tarantino on critics of the film “Once in Hollywood”

“I wasn’t trying specifically to make Bruce poor. Okay, I admit: I’m a little exaggerated, a little fun at his expense. This scene is a bit of a parody. But actually, Bruce Lee was really arrogant guy”.


“Of course, brad pitt could not beat Bruce Lee, and cliff Booth could”.

“These characters are (the film “Once in Hollywood”. – Ed.) does not represent me, they themselves, are what they are. They are heroes of their time”.

Квентина Тарантино: Я просто обожал смотреть "Человек-амфибию"

Quentin Tarantino

Tarantino on kinokomedii

“If you think that all the movies tell the same story, and each of my paintings is a small car in one of the engine, I want to make some huge superfilm”.


“But I’ve done a bit of comics. “Django unchained” was turned into a comic, plus we together with the artist of graphic novels by Matt Wagner has written a new comic where Django works with Zorro. This is my closest to the comic book world work.”

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“Once in Hollywood” DiCaprio, Tarantino, Margot Robbie and pitt attended the premiere in London

As for the film “Once in Hollywood”, the action takes place in 1969 in Los Angeles. In the story of a former star of the TV show Rick Dalton and his backup cliff Booth trying to break into the movie business. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio, brad pitt, Margot Robbie and al Pacino.

Recall that in Los Angeles was held the premiere of the film “Once in Hollywood”. Such an event in the world of cinema was not without the dramatic appearance of the main characters of tape – Leonardo DiCaprio and brad pitt, as well as the Creator of the picture.

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