Quite a challenge distancing physical

Tout un défi la distanciation physique

The reopening of childcare facilities has not been of any rest on Monday for the responsible in child care in a family environment, who have had to exercise a lot of imagination to re-establish a routine while maintaining the best possible recommendations.

“Some protocols are fine on paper, but do not agree at all with our reality, finds Annie Bossé after a first day. I have done my possible. “

She speaks among other things to the lavatory outside to welcome children with a first washing of the hands, small bins of toys reduced in size to facilitate the control and decontamination of the disinfectant for the hands in all the corners to passers-by of the house, and the brown paper rather than cloth towels.

With its disinfectant wipes, the educator 42-year-old was ready to reopen his service for child care subsidized by following the instructions of the government.

“They are asking us to disinfect the toys each time a child has played with. They will be able to play with one to two trays per day each, ” she explains.

Nevertheless, the children will have to do without some toys, such as puzzle, are too difficult to decontaminate.

Previously piled up in large bins in the tissues, the toys are now housed in small plastic bins to facilitate decontamination.


Public health is also asking educators to dress in a surgical mask, disposable at any time, and add a protective visor when the distance can not be made, she adds.

However, it was almost impossible to hold an infant under 18 months in her arms without running the risk of him scratching the face with the frightening visor of plastic, has found The Journal.

Needless to mention that it is virtually impossible to impose the distancing physics to children under the age of 5 years, who clearly prefer to play “tag COVID-19” rather than staying alone in their corner.

“My challenge is to use wisely the protections and accommodate the children, so that they see the difference without too much that it bothers them, to re-establish a routine with them “, she argues.

Outside, the educator has built a sink of fortune with the help of a plastic bin, a flower pot and a garden hose.

Every morning, she will have to ask the parents if they have been in contact with a person positive to the virus.

Until 22 June, Ms. Bossé not be able to accommodate 50 % of its capacity habitual, or four children at a time. In normal times, she and her mother, working together, have nine children in their care.

“In a family setting, as soon as there are more than six children, there must be two, and you can’t get more than nine. For children under the age of 18 months, you can’t have more than two per person “, she says.

She had to rearrange her schedule to make sure never to have more than two babies on the same day, to his mother in the sixties will not be obliged to come to its help, being more at risk.

The one who works in her home daycare for 16 years explains that the most difficult in this time of health crisis, it is the stress to open his or her home to the outside world.

“We’re used to open the door to germs. The gastros, colds, I spent the winter with a cold. But it seems that this virus-there is more troubling since it was dead, even if we are not the most at risk, ” she says.

However, the educator is ready to accept the challenges ahead, a smile under his mask.

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