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Quiz Koh Lanta 2022: are you a pole test expert? Even Denis will not have 9/9

It is this Thursday, June 21 that TF1 broadcasts the grand finale of Koh Lanta 2022 – Le Totem Maudit, which sees Jean-Charles, Bastien, François and Géraldine compete in the terrible test of the posts. A final challenge loved by viewers that inspired us for this quiz. So, are you a pole expert? Take this test.

Who will win Koh Lanta: The Cursed Totem this Thursday, June 21, 2022, day of the final? Before knowing it, Jean-Charles, Bastien, François and Géraldine will have to compete on the ultimate test of the adventure game: the posts. A moment always adored by viewers, but also by the editorial staff, which each time offers us some epic situations on the screen.

Koh Lanta : are you an expert in pole testing? The ultimate quiz

Koh Lanta: are you an expert on poles?

How long did Amel last on the posts in season 2?

How did Jade and Maryline manage to get away from it all? share in season 7?

How many times has Jade won? the test of the poles?

Who holds the record for participation in the test of the posts?

The posts start with a surface of 21x16cm. What is the final surface?

From what season did the post test appear?

From what season did the candidates start? to perform the barefoot test?

What is the record for the one who lasted the shortest time on the poles?

How long is the authorized pee/poo break (excluding cameras)?

You're the Lili of the fans

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Who is Lily? She is the first candidate eliminated from the Le Totem Maudit edition. In other words, your score is as insignificant as his participation. Yes, we see that you are as much an act of presence in front of your TV as you are. that the adventurer was able to do on the island. Clearly, you donˆt even deserve to hear the silky “Ah” from Denis.

You're the Claude of the fans

< p>Your acquaintances are there, we see that you are a fan of the show MAIS, à; Like Claude, you can't manage to go to the end. There's no shame in fail, as long as you haven't cheated. We are not here to judge you, but if like Teheiura ça doesn't allow you to win, it's really the loser.

You're the clemency of the fans

Just like the number of victories at; Koh Lanta from Clémence, your score deserves respect. Well, if to get there the adventurer had to give up his hygiene, you, we suspect that you have been compelled to give up your social life. An effective sacrifice even if you now find yourself at a loss. celebrate your solo victory in your living room.

Is your score terrible? Don't worry, we're not here to judge you (hum). But if you want to smile again, don't hesitate to test yourself on these other essential quizzes on this year's TV shows: QUIZ Koh Lanta 2022: do you really know all the secrets of orientation test?/QUIZ Large families life in XXL: do you know anything about TF1 tribes?/QUIZ The Marseillais in Mexico: how well have you followed this season? Back to the great moments.

Good luck!

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