QUIZ What other actor has almost played in these cult movies and series?

THEHunger Games trailer: can you guess which actress almost played Katniss instead of Jennifer Lawrence? Hunger Games, Twilight, Hannah Montana or Grey's Anatomy, these cult series and films could have been very different. Yes, some stars of these hits almost did not land the role that made them known to the general public. But which actors have almost played in the biggest sagas, series or films? PRBK has prepared a quiz for you so that you can find out while using your deduction skills. Your turn !

Some actors have missed out on the role that could have made them a real star! Bad luck, bad casting or much better actor in front of them, some celebrities have missed a very important role. After our special autograph quiz and our geography test on Netflix series, let's take our quiz on the actors who almost played in Hunger Games , Twilight , Titanic or The Vampire Diaries :

So, did you learn anything from this quiz? Do not hesitate to share your score with us on social networks and pass this quiz to your friends.

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