QW4RTZ: a Christmas “Mini-Wheats” for the vocal ensemble

QW4RTZ: a & laquo; Christmas Mini-Wheats & raquo; for the vocal ensemble

MISE & Agrave; DAY

Initially, the vocal group's Christmas album QW4RTZ was supposed to contain nine or ten songs. And, all of a sudden, the simple little project grew into something mega with collaborations and original songwriting.

“It seems like every time you do a project, it can't be easy. And that is QW4RTZ's problem with its grand plans. That's what it looks like, “dropped Philippe Courchesne Leboeuf, bursting into laughter.

Launched last November 12, the opus It tastes Christmas contains 19 songs. There are four original songs, traditional tunes, others from pop culture, collaborations with Marc Hervieux, Quartom, Les petits chanteurs du Mont-Royal, Anna-Sophie Neher, the French trio Les Itinérantes and Julien Corriveau, and songs in French, English, Latin and German. Ah yes, there is also a trad medley and hip-hop.

The Veni, veni Emmanuel , Sainte-Nuit and Noël blanc rub shoulders with Marie-Noël from Charlebois , the classic The Snow Trail , All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey, Last Christmas by Wham and the Elegie of sandwich bread . & Nbsp;

An album that the formation, completed by Louis Alexandre Beauchemin, François Pothier Bouchard and François “FA 2” Dubé, compares to a Christmas Mini-Wheats with traditional titles on the whole wheat side and more pop songs on the frosty side.

“Since our debut in 2010, we have been asked for a Christmas album. It was something we wanted to do, but we didn't want to start our record career with a Christmas album. Before that, we wanted to prove ourselves, “explained Philippe Courchesne Leboeuf in an interview.

A good mix

The first idea was to make an album with ten songs that the a capella quartet had already sung and which had arrangements. An opus that would have been followed, later, by a second volume. & Nbsp;

“We couldn't find an artistic direction. Two members, including me, leaned more towards a classic Christmas album. Two others wanted covers of All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey and Last Christmas by Wham. We didn't know how to tie up this project. We had the idea of ​​making two albums in one. That was the solution, ”he remarked.

Of the fifty songs on offer, 19 were on the album It tastes Christmas . & Nbsp;

Album cover

“Could we make them a capella? Did we have something to add to these songs? Could they be tinted with the QW4RTZ imprint? This is what determined our choices ”, clarified Philippe Courchesne Leboeuf.


The guys from QW4RTZ even launched a challenge . That of writing, each on their own, in isolation, a piece of 30 to 40 seconds to serve as links between certain blocks of songs. Something they had never done in their early career.

And then again, what seemed so simple took on a whole new form. The small segments stretched into four full songs lasting two to four minutes. They are called Élégie du bread sandwich , My recipe for happiness , Gravlax and Keep it Real (Your fudge) . The theme was Christmas recipes and dishes. & Nbsp;

“The idea was to do something fun. It's a foray into writing that could leave traces for the rest of things, ”dropped the one who praised grilled cheese in his play My Recipe for Happiness . & nbsp;

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