Rabid: Russell Crowe becomes violent

Enragé: Russell Crowe devient violent

First film of importance to take the displays from the beginning of the pandemic and the closure of cinemas in march last, Furious stars Russell Crowe disturbing.

Directed by Derrick Borte (the very good of Our neighbors the Jones), Rabid follows a man (Russell Crowe), never named, who begins to harass a woman after an incident at a red light. This episode of road rage extreme was written by Carl Ellsworth, who Paranoïak and the last house on The left.

“The first time I read the script – and it’s becoming increasingly common in me, I couldn’t see what I could do,” said the actor to the Sydney Morning Herald. It is speaking ofBerserk around him and listening to the laudatory comments of his relatives that he has gradually changed his opinion.

Sign of the times

“[I realized] that [the scenario] was not a recipe for a genre film, but a commentary on the state of the company at the present time, on these cycles which are closer and closer in which someone acts according to this type of rage, whether it’s bring a firearm in a school or shoot in a Las Vegas nightclub. There are situations in which a certain type of individual loses suddenly his humanity, and his empathy and takes this way”, he stressed.

Over feature-length film, the viewer discovers some elements of the life of this madman. “In reality, his life is the same as that of the world. We all have highs and we all have downs. A divorce is something that is brutal, it is difficult for everyone, but it is one of the difficulties of life. But there are other things that rob this man of his humanity.”

To the issuance AND Canada, Russell Crowe has detailed the parallels between his character and the society in which one lives.

“The film illustrates what is happening in this moment, this inability of people of different opinions, to have a polite conversation. […] What happens with Rachel has no importance, what she says to him has no importance because this man has already crossed a line. It does nothing other than yelling at the wrong guy on the wrong day. He does not care of the consequences. It is incapable of any human reaction, he detached himself from his humanity. […] Nothing of what happens in this film is not rational. Nothing is logical, nothing has a real cause. This man is someone whose humanity has been destroyed by life.”

The actor measure all the implications ofFurious, the first film of importance to be projected in dark rooms since the beginning of the confinement.

“This is Mark [Gill, one of the producers, editor’s NOTE] who had the idea. There are many arguments against the fact of making the poster. But, after all, there is also a large empty space at the level of outputs. And if we believe in this film, let’s go there first! I know that [this decision] has surprised a lot of people, but you can not put his logic into question. There will be so many releases of films when the situation will be back to “normal”, if there is any of this happening…”, he said to the website JoBlo.

“Yes, it is a huge risk, as at roulette. But when someone is as convinced as Mark of the strength of its idea, it remains for us to we bow. As for Derrick, he was in post-production, in the middle of this pandemic and the events [when the decision was made]. And yes, it has been a huge challenge for him.”

  • Berserk will arrive on the screens of the province on July 31.
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