Raccoon-extreme climbed the skyscraper and became famous in social networks

Енот-экстремал забрался на небоскреб и прославился в соцсетях

Raccoon climbed a 25-storey building in the U.S. city of Saint Paul, Minnesota, attracted the attention of users of social networks worldwide.

The animal was first spotted Monday on the facade of one of the office buildings of St. Paul. The next day, the staff of radio MPR noticed that the raccoon were all there without food and water. It tried to get using a long pole, but the animal slipped away and began to rise.

Users of social networks followed the climb “climber”, and he dedicated hashtag #mprraccoon became viral on Twitter. The mayor of St. Paul, Melvin Carter has assured that the authorities with the owners of the building and the staff are trying to figure out a way to remove the raccoon.


With the rescue operation, however, has been difficult arriving firefighters assess the situation, said that to help the animal can not, and the building’s Windows would not open.

Some staff offices were able to film the process of climbing up close.

Himself a raccoon, to get to the Tuesday night to the 23rd floor, decided to rest and fell asleep. Meanwhile, on the roof of the animal to put a bowl of cat food and water, hoping to attract his attention.

Finally, on the night of Wednesday, the animal successfully reached the roof, where he caught the staff of the building.

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