Race to the PQ: a flag of Quebec in all classes in primary and secondary, promises PSPP

Course au PQ: un drapeau du Québec dans toutes les classes primaires et secondaires, promet PSPP

The candidate for the leadership of the Parti québécois, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon is committed to display a flag of Quebec in all classes in primary and secondary levels.

A week after a controversy caused by the absence of the Quebec flag during the performance of the national Holiday, the lawyer by training is a hard fact.

“There has been a strategy to decrease the space for symbols of quebec”, says Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, citing in particular the sponsorship scandal.

But, beyond expressing her “discomfort”, he wished to propose solutions that will become reality in the event of his election to the head of the Parti québécois and the victory of the political formation in the next elections in 2022.

This is why it wants to display a flag of Quebec in all classes of primary and secondary schools, as is already the case in Ontario with the Canadian flag.

“There is nothing unusual to have symbols that remind us of our collective”, pounds-t-it. This is very aligned with the educational mission and this is what we found [in the classes], in many places, in the United States in particular.”

But for the candidate for the leadership of the PQ, there is no question of providing glorified pieces of fabric sewn in China to the colors of the fleurdelisé. Paul St-Pierre Plamondon proposes to amend the Act respecting the flag and emblems of Québec in order to establish the criteria of production of the standard national.

Thus, under a pq government led by him, all the flags sold in Quebec would be manufactured in the province.

“This is not normal at Jean-Coutu, there are flags of Quebec made in China, distributed by a company in ontario that don’t have the right blue, and that the packaging is in English first” advocates there.

Finally, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon has had enough of the flags frayed clinging to the masts looked. Also, to support his other two proposals, it agrees to finance the purchase of flagpoles and flags of Quebec.

“I want to [also] tighten the screw and give fines for public bodies that leave a flag worn on their buildings,” he said. If, for example, a SAQ tolerate a tattered flag, it will have to pay a symbolic fine.”

Paul St-Pierre Plamondon does not figure, however, not the cost of this measure for the moment.

The next leader of the Parti québécois to be elected on the 6th of October next. Three other candidates are officially part of the race : the historian Frédéric Bastien, the mna Sylvain Gaudreault and the humorist Guy Nantel.

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