Rachel Legrain-Trapani shocked by the paparazzi : “It can destroy a person, it is violent”

Rachel Legrain-Trapani choquée par les paparazzis : "Ça peut détruire une personne, c'est violent"

Rachel Legrain-Trapani shocked by the paparazzi : “it can destroy a person”

While the French were enjoying the summer of 2018, to celebrate the victory at the football World Cup in Russia, Rachel Legrain-Trapani lived moments of trauma, because of his relationship with Benjamin Pavard, which attracted all the paparazzi. The ex-Miss France was entrusted in TPMP People, such harassment “can destroy a person.”

For many people, being a celebrity = dream life. However, we discovered regularly, the life of a star is not always idyllic. While Justin Bieber has recently unveiled having a breakdown, Rachel Legrain-Trapani took advantage of his presence in the show TPMP People of this Friday, January 24, to push a blow of mouth.

The paparrazis can “destroy a person”

On the occasion of a debate launched by Matthew Delormeau, “Scandal, violence, stolen photographs : Should we ban the paparazzi ?“, the Miss France 2007, has shared his experience and his anger vis-à-vis these photographers. Where opinions were divided on the plateau, the chronicler did not hesitate to remind : “I think I’m the only one here to have experienced the fact of being half naked on the cover. I think that nobody here can understand the harm that it can do“. According to the young woman, the feeling of being watched constantly, losing the slightest bit of his privacy “it can destroy really a person“.

Rachel Legrain-Trapani is traumatized by her experience

Of about strong ? Yes, but sincere. Rachel Legrain-Trapani was unveiled, the paparazzi take it to anyone, regardless of the degree of star-attitude, and no one can see coming such an upheaval in one’s life : “I know that I really did not expect to be paparazziée because I do not consider myself a star“.

And to make it clear that it is no exaggerating her speech, she then returned on her experience of living after the World Cup 2018, while she was still in a relationship with the footballer Benjamin Pavard : “I have been continued until my holiday villa. I can say, it is horrible. My family suffered, you do not realize it. It’s really horrible and violent like feeling.


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