Racism: an american athlete calls for an apology to his olympic committee

Racisme: une athlète américaine réclame des excuses à son comité olympique

Los Angeles | The whistleblower-hammer Gwen Berry, sanctioned by the olympic Committee and us paralympic the past year for protesting against racial injustice during a competition, has apologized to the instance, which denounced the police violence as racist after the death of George Floyd.

“I want a letter of apology, … sent by mail … just like the ones you and the international olympic Committee to Me HAVE SENT, WHEN YOU to Me HAVE IMPOSED A PERIOD OF PROBATION. Stop playing with me “, said on Tuesday Gwen Berry on Twitter.

The woman, 30-year-old has responded to the letter sent to american athletes by the director-general of the USOPC, Sarah Hirshland, who admitted feeling a “sense of despair” at seeing the tragic scene of the white policeman pressing his knee on the neck of this black man, eight days ago in Minneapolis.

“We condemn absolutely the inequality is systemic, which disproportionately affects Black americans in the United States,” wrote Hirshland. “This has no place in our community nor in any other. It is clear that there are no forces that are so harmful and degrading as racism and the marginalization practiced by some in positions of authority. “

Hirshland, pointing out that ” apathy and indifference are not the solution “, had announced that the USOPC had planned to hold a forum Friday to give u.s. athletes the opportunity to ” listen to each other, learn from each other and support each other “.

Words that have absolutely not convinced Gwen Berry, sanctioned by the USOPC in August 2019, to have lifted the fist during a medal ceremony at the pan american Games in Lima, to protest against racial injustice.

Probation for twelve months, with the risk of a more severe sanction than if she repeated such an act, Berry told Sports Illustrated that it had cost him about $ 50,000 of losses of revenue from sponsors, but that she felt finally ” understood “it.

“When I took the position, this was at a time where things were happening, but nothing was done. Now, I have the impression that everyone feels what I felt “, she said.

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