Racism: Donald Trump flies to the rescue of John Wayne

Racisme: Donald Trump vole au secours de John Wayne

LOS ANGELES | chair, Donald Trump flew Monday to the relief of his deceased idol, film John Wayne, accused of making racist remarks by members of the democratic party in California who have asked for an airport bearing his name is débaptisé.

Symbol of traditional American, with its dozens of roles of cowboys and soldiers, macho, or machismo, John Wayne has expressed ” opinions that are favourable to white supremacy, anti-LGBT and antiautochtones “, written in a resolution adopted Friday night the democratic Party of Orange county, south of Los Angeles.

The party cites an interview published in 1971 by the magazine Playboy , where the actor is quoted as saying: “I believe in white supremacy,” and ” I don’t feel guilty that five or ten generations, these people were slaves “.

“The democratic Party of Orange county condemns the racist statements and sectarians of John Wayne, and asks the name of John Wayne to be removed from the airport in Orange county,” according to the resolution.

This request occurs when a part of the american company has started a deep examination of conscience on the discrimination that undermine it. Many statues and monuments associated with slavery and racist oppression have been removed or débaptisés in the wake of protests against the death of George Floyd, middle-aged black asphyxiated by a white policeman.

“Now the democrats are good-for-nothing want remove the name of John Wayne airport,” responded the president Trump on Twitter, calling the idea of ” stupidity “incredible”.

Trump has presented in the past as an “old fan” of John Wayne. He had even posed alongside the girl actor in the state of Iowa, his birth State, during the election campaign of 2016.

The family of John Wayne, who has a statue at the airport of Orange County and another in Beverly Hills, has rejected the accusations of racism against him.

“It would be unfair to judge someone based on the faith of an interview used out of context “, had said the son of John Wayne, Ethan, on tv CNN last year. “They are trying to challenge the manner in which he conducted his life, and the manner in which he conducted his life, it was who he was “, he said.

Death in 1979, John Wayne has acted in over 150 films. It was nominated for several Oscars, and was awarded the statuette for best actor for “one Hundred dollars for a sheriff” in 1969.

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