Racism in the United States: “Don’t Do It “, said Nike, Adidas retweete

Racisme aux États-Unis: « Don’t Do It », dit Nike, Adidas retweete

“For once, “Don’t Do It”… Don’t pretend that there is not a problem in America, “tweeted Nike Friday night in a spot that distracts from its slogan” Just Do It “, in reference to the death of George Floyd, this African-American whose death at the hands of the police is sparking a wave of riots in the United States.

Unusually, its competitor, Adidas has retweeted the message, with these words: “Together we are going forward. Together we change things.”

Friday evening, demonstrations were organized in several major u.s. cities to demand justice for George Floyd, which arrest deadly was filmed in a video that has become viral.

We see the white policeman Derek Chauvin keep his knee for several minutes on the neck of the middle-aged black.

“Do not ignore the racism. Do not agree that innocent lives are taken. Do not find excuses. Do not do as if that’s not you was not, ” continues the video, Nike – simple white letters on a black background.

The oem american Nike is a veteran of the advertising campaigns undertaken.

In 2018, it said that it had reached a “record” of the accession of the consumers after you have posted ads using the face of american football player Colin Kaepernick, known for protesting against racist violence.

This player had decided to put a knee on the ground during the national anthem before the meetings of the NFL to denounce the police violence, racist, a gesture imitated by several other players.

The mark to the comma had initially sparked an outcry by revealing the choice of this former player of the team of the San Francisco 49ers to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its slogan, iconic: “Just Do It “.

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