Racism : Michael Jordan takes the floor

Racisme : Michael Jordan prend la parole

The icon of basketball Michael Jordan was held to comment on the systemic racism that led to the wave of protests sweeping across the United States as a whole since a few days.

“I am deeply saddened and angry, all of this really makes me evil. I see and feel the pain, the injustice and the frustration. I rest the side of those who denounce the racism being rooted and violence directed towards people of color in our country. We have seen enough”, he first stated through a statement released by the account of the Hornets to Charlotte, the concession of which he is the majority shareholder.

“I don’t have the answers, but our collective voices have shown all our strength, and we can not be divided by others. We need to listen to each other, to have compassion and empathy and would never turn back to the brutality senseless. It is necessary to continue to express themselves with peace against injustice, and ask for an assumption of responsibility. Our unified voice must apply pressure on our decision makers for the legislation to be amended. Or again, we must use our vote to create a systemic change, he added, without mentioning explicitly the u.s. presidential elections scheduled for 3 November. Each of us must be a part of the solution and we need to work together so that there is equity for all.”

The main cities of the country of Uncle Sam have been the scene of violent protests following the death of George Floyd, a Black man of 46 years old who died during a police intervention in Minneapolis, Monday. Officer Derek Chauvin, who has placed his knee on the neck of the victim for almost nine minutes, is accused of murder in the third degree and manslaughter.

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