Racism: police officers who are unhappy with the Brotherhood

Racisme: des policiers mécontents de la Fraternité

Officers within the police Department of the City of Montreal have deplored the remarks made by the president of the Fraternity of the police officers who had claimed that there was no racism within the police force.

When asked whether he believed that there was a problem of racism and racial profiling by the SPVM, Yves Francoeur had answered in the negative on the 8th of June.

“We’re talking about a million interventions in Montréal by year, and we are talking about an average of 15 or 16 citations by the police ethics commission, so you need not carry”, he said.

These comments have bothered some members. Enough for nine police officers from the SPVM, visible minorities, shall affix their names and their badge number on a letter addressed directly to the president of the Fraternity.

VAT News has obtained a copy of this letter. The police officers speak first to their “dismay” in front of the exit of mr. Francoeur.

“We were surprised that you did not believe that there is a problem with systemic racism and racial profiling by the SPVM,” wrote one.

“Racism does not spare the POLICE. Minority, it throws discredit upon the entire organization”, added the police.

The nine signatories stress that the SPVM, him, “acknowledges the systemic nature of racism.”

They claim that the recognition of the problem. “This is the first step towards the solution; we would like the Brotherhood is also focusing on the issue”, you ask yourself.

Adjust the shooting

The Brotherhood had no other choice than to clarify and nuance his position. Two days after the receipt of this letter, Yves Francoeur replied to the signatories.

The position of the Brotherhood in front of the racism and profiling in the ranks of the SPVM is this time more clear and nuanced.

“You’re right, there are unfortunately individuals who have racist attitudes in the police of Montreal. […] Your Brotherhood is aware of and regrets”, it read.

Yves Francoeur also explains his media outlets, which “were intended to defend the majority of police officers and police on which a small minority engaged in racial profiling throw into”disrepute”.

“The Brotherhood represents a human and I have defended those that are dirty, unfairly,” he says.

The Brotherhood has decided not to grant interview to the camera on Saturday, but stressed that his response seems to have been received positively.

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