Racism, police violence: Trump will he come out of his silence?

Racisme, violences policières: Trump va-t-il sortir de son silence?

The us president, Donald Trump had to mention Thursday from the Texas racism and police violence after having largely avoided the subject for weeks that rocked America.

If it was praise, tweets, repetitive to the support of “law and order” and praised the work of the police and the army, he remained very discreet about the outrage, the anger and the desire for change that resulted in the seizure of tens of millions of Americans after the death of George Floyd under the knee of a white policeman.

Notoriously quiet Tuesday at the time of her funeral in Houston, where his rival, democrat Joe Biden spoke in a tone of very personal video, Donald Trump, who has always refused to take the clothes gatherer, is much more disert on his election campaign.

Lagging behind in the polls less than five months before the election, the tenant of the White House announced Wednesday a series of meetings in the upcoming campaign: Oklahoma, Florida, Arizona, North Carolina.

“There will be a huge in Florida, they all will be enormous,” he explained, obviously excited at the idea of recovering the benches and the fragrance of his victorious campaign of 2016 in which he referred to regularly.

Its management of the pandemic of coronavirus, which has done more to 113,000 deaths in the United States, such as its response in the face of huge protests, “Black lives matter” across the country, have been judged negatively by a majority of Americans.

According to the average of the polls compiled by the website FiveThirtyEight, the proportion of Americans with a favorable opinion of him is steadily decreasing for the past three weeks. It now stands at 41.1 per cent, compared with 44.1 per cent on may 15.

The election is still far away, recalls Geoffrey Skelley, an analyst for the site, and the billionaire republican can hope for a ” rebound “, as it has already known.

“But the more his popularity rating remains close to the 40% mark, the more difficult it is to imagine as it may attract enough votes to be re-elected “, he adds.

“Listen! “

Washington rustles from several days of a presidential initiative on high to resume the hand. Solemn discourse on the issue of racial discrimination? Order to provide better supervision of the police?

Different tracks have been mentioned but none have been confirmed at this stage. And the mystery remains about the possible announcements that could make the us president during the round-table meeting scheduled in Dallas at 15: 00 (20: 00 GMT).

“For weeks, the president avoids at all costs a conversation on the systemic racism and police brutality,” said Joe Biden, her democratic opponent for the presidential election of November 3.

“The move to Texas will change nothing “, he added, deploring the fact that the 45th president in history has at no time sought ” to offer a message of healing to a country in mourning “.

Calls are growing for a profound change of culture within the us police.

“Please, listen to the calls rising up from the street “, was launched at the Congress Philonise Floyd, brother of George, imploring the elected officials to adopt meaningful reforms.

The ” Justice and Policing Act “, supported by more than 200 elected mainly democrats, intends to create a national registry for police officers committing burrs, facilitate the prosecution of the agents and rethink their recruitment and training.

But the fate of the bill through the Senate, a republican majority, is very uncertain.

For the moment, Donald Trump is arc-boute on symbols which is particularly sensitive to the party the more conservative of his electorate.

It is as well said flatly opposed to the idea of changing the name of the military bases bearing the name of confederate generals, a concept on which the Pentagon had yet said it was open to the discussion.

This is not the first time that Donald Trump ranks on this side on this sensitive topic in the United States, where some see in the tribute paid to the Southerners, who were in favour of slavery, the celebration of a past racist.

But evidence that the shock wave caused by the death of George Floyd moved the lines, the Nascar, the organizing body of a car championship is very popular in the United States, announced on Wednesday evening the immediate prohibition of the flag confederate during his races.

His fans are very present in many of the Southern States which are bastions of billionaire republican.

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