Racist attack in Calgary

Agression raciste à Calgary

A man is due to face court after he spat on a woman of asian origin Calgary, Alberta, on Saturday, reported the Global network, Sunday.

The event occurred Saturday on a bike path to a park near the district of Inglewood.

Jessica Lau, travelling, skateboarding filmed by her boyfriend who was following her. His camera captured the assault of a cyclist traveling in the opposite direction that spat on the young woman and throwing her an insult on its asian origins.

“All of a sudden, I received a big spit on the side of my face and the whole side of my body,” said Jessica Lau on Global.

“In 27 years in Calgary, I have not experienced any form of racism, she said. It is a harsh reality.”

It affirms that this man also spat on a couple of the Whites that followed them.

On Twitter, the University of Calgary has identified the assailant as Justin Williams, a former employee who no longer works for the institution since last February.

“We condemn vehemently the actions in this video and join the community to support Jessica and her boyfriend,” said the university on Twitter.

The Calgary police told Global that charges were to be filed against Williams, without, however, defining them.

Despite this assault, Jessica Lau was not bitter.

“It is an unfortunate event, but I don’t take this as a personal attack. I know that this man is sick internally. He needs help, serious help, but I believe that the majority of people here are basically good,” said the victim.

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