Rada has made changes to the budget

Рада внесла изменения в бюджет

The corresponding solution MPs adopted at the meeting on Thursday.

The Verkhovna Rada adopted amendments to the law on the state budget for the year 2019.

Changes to the budget were made by the redistribution. That is why the main parameters of the budget do not significantly change the revenues are growing by 118.5 million UAH – up to 918 billion. Costs increased by 230 million UAH – to 991,9 billion.

Under the changes, increased spending on pensions 10.8 billion. An additional 227 million UAH allocated for the payment of additional payments for work in the exclusion zone.

Together this reduced costs by 1.2 billion UAH on public administration reform, 979 million UAH for the program to support livestock, 850 million UAH – to support farming.

Also reduced the budget expenses for activities related to the privatization (- UAH 260 mn), and financial support to farmers (250 million UAH).

According to the Ministry of Finance, because of the demographic circumstances, the state of the labour market and other factors, remain unspent 7.2 billion UAH, which were intended for the payment of assistance to families with children and low-income families. These funds are also requested to send to the aforementioned increase in pensions.

The cost of public debt service due to exchange rate factors reduced by UAH 2.5 billion.

In financing (the deficit) reduced by UAH 2.5 billion plan for revenues from privatization. Now it is expected that the sale of state assets will bring in the budget of 18.8 billion UAH instead of the originally planned 21.3 billion UAH.

Also, the budget has a clause stating that the undistributed balances of subsidies for socio-economic development and health development in the villages will remain in the accounts of local budgets. The city will be able to spend these funds in 2019.

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