Radonitsa 2019: when celebrated in Ukraine

Find out what day of Radonitsa is celebrated in 2019 and what is the significance of memorial day

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Радоница 2019: когда отмечается в Украине


Religious holidays of Easter and Radonitsa 2019 are closely linked. Radonitsa is traditionally celebrated during the second week after Easter, on Tuesday.

The date of celebration of the Radonitsa 2019 in Ukraine

Because Easter is celebrated on April 28, the day of rejoicing in 2019 falls on 7 may.

In Ukraine, the Radonitsa there is another naming – Wires. And celebrated this day on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday of Thomas week. Religious holiday of Radonitsa 2019 is not a holiday.

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Radonitsa: the meaning and traditions of memorial day

On the day of rejoicing, it is customary to commemorate the dead. This day is also called Easter for the dead.

Radonitsa has in its name the words “kind”, “joy”. It brings a holiday with a notion of “rejoice” and means that people should not mourn over the death of loved ones, but rather rejoice at their rebirth into another life — eternal life.

Radonitsa – is the victory over death won by the death and resurrection of Christ, which displaces the sadness of temporary separation from their families.

Traditionally on this day people go to the cemetery, which bring painted eggs and other Easter dishes in order to make the memorial meal, and part prepared to give to the poor people on the soul.

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