Railway workers: their mutual insurance company celebrates its 140th anniversary

Railway workers: their mutual insurance company celebrates its 140th anniversary

Michel Rosset a présenté bilan et perspectives de la mutuelle devant de nombreux adhérents.

Railway workers: their mutual insurance company celebrates its 140th anniversary

Guy Dolalille, à gauche, avec Patrick Jude et Michel Rosset.

The Nîmes-Alès local committee met in a general assembly, pointing out positive results at Gard and national level.

The members of the Nîmes-Alès local committee of the Mutuelle Générale des Cheminots (MGC) gathered their members at the Diocesan House of Nîmes, for the holding of their annual general meeting. After welcoming them, Michel Rosset, the president, assisted by Guy Doladille, secretary, and Patrick Jude, sector administrator, presented the activity report of the local committee and the results of the mutual at the Gard and national level.

At the local level, the observation is positive, the number of memberships having increased by 12%, an increase noted at all levels as indicated by the president: "In the context of upheaval constantly disrupted balances of complementary health insurance and the evolution of the Mutuelle's activities, for several years, the MGC has succeeded in continuing the recruitment of its members at a still sustained pace, 11,000 new memberships, including 9,156 memberships of people attached to another regime, as of December 31, 2023. This year, numbers reach 163,518 members, or 264,742 protected people. Our mutual will maintain its position as the leading railway mutual in 2023 with more than 41.3% of active agents in this status."

Victor Hugo was the honorary president

He then spoke about the prospects: " MGC saw the renewal of its ISO 9001 certifications, for its quality management system, and ISO 14001, in order to control its environmental impacts. This year, it continues to affirm its true mission at the service of its members: to enable them to take better care of themselves by offering additional quality health guarantees at the fairest price, and to help them stay in good health through preventive actions. ."

For the story, Michel Rosset spoke of the 140 years of the mutual with a prestigious name at its creation : "The MGC has its origins in the Mutual Protection of French Railway Agents (PMC), created in 1883 under the protection of Victor Hugo who became its honorary president. Since 2006, it has been open to all." After various information and exchanges with members, the meeting ended with the presentation of the medal and the gold diploma of the mutual to Guy Doladille, secretary of the local committee, followed by a reception.

Permanence of the Mutuelle Générale des Cheminots, at 43 rue de la Biche in Nîmes, every Tuesday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. (except July and August). Such. : 04 66 02 45 98.

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