Rain fashion is not a hindrance: how to look stylish in bad weather

Fashion tips in case of rainy weather

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27 Jun, 17:40

Дождь моде не помеха: как выглядеть стильно в плохую погоду

How to dress in rainy weather: tips on the selection of look

Replaced the scorching sun finally came rain, and this is the case, when Ukrainians are happy cloudy days! However, whatever it was, in the rain is not too like to go outside – as in heat. But the work and business of the meeting has not been canceled, how to be and what to wear? Today.Lifestyle share fashion tips.

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Even if you have a car or you take a taxi, dampness and wind in the rainy weather will still be felt. So better before going out to think about your look that you’ll be comfortable and warm.

Rubber boots – a must-have in women’s wardrobe

Yes, these boots are not suitable for everyday wear, but so necessary, when the streets are flowing these streams. Moreover, designers offer fashionistas the most interesting variations of this Shoe.

Дождь моде не помеха: как выглядеть стильно в плохую погоду

Choose rubber boots: the trend 2019

For example, the age-old classic black rubber boots Chanel white flower – it looks neat and so feminine. Can also be worn under jeans or even under culottes boots bright colors (in order to dilute the grayness around). And don’t forget about the trending print of the year – of-prey.

Leather sneakers

Not white, not rag and without mesh. Otherwise, your feet just get wet and, in addition to the sloppy appearance, such an outcome is fraught with cold. Leather sneakers will help keep you warm and look stylish.

Дождь моде не помеха: как выглядеть стильно в плохую погоду

Leather sneakers for street style

Raincoat – discovery of the year

With what do you associate the raincoats? With sellers on the market, or kids who fool around in the puddles? So, this nondescript, at first glance, the item of clothing has become a trend in 2019. The catwalks of brands just “swarmed” by the raincoats, and the different and bright colors. Cool raincoats combined not only with denim but pants-culottes.

Дождь моде не помеха: как выглядеть стильно в плохую погоду

Stylish raincoat for bad weather

In addition to the raincoat, a classic choice would be a Cape or a trench coat, but from a more coarse cloth, because cotton or viscose may get wet. Therefore it is better to wear a jacket – a great analogy in bad weather.

Military style

Another stylish salvation in rainy weather will be the military way. It is very relevant throughout the year, and to create this look you will need:

  • rough boots
  • coat or jacket khaki
  • jeans/black pants-banana
  • t-shirt (for variety, you can pick up a vest)

Дождь моде не помеха: как выглядеть стильно в плохую погоду

Military style: what to wear in bad weather

See also a selection of stylish images on the rainy weather:

Sport suit is the most comfortable thing Garderobe: PinterestЧерные pants with stripes and phony of curtocircuito: PinterestСтиль military – cropped combinationto: PinterestЛатексный cloak that not promotethe: PinterestУльтрамодные pants and jacket coshatta: PinterestКак look stylish in rainy weather: ideas with fotofoto: PinterestНотка romanticism: under the rubber boots worn laced nociforo: PinterestКюлоты and jacket with kamushovoe: PinterestБрючный suit also takes place to be in bad pogolotti: PinterestЯркие plaid pants combined with a rough botinkometatel: PinterestДлинный cloak of eco-leather with beremote: Pinterest1/11

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