“Random city” : from the circus to the small screen

«Au hasard de la ville» : du cirque au petit écran

MONTRÉAL – The Montréal complètement cirque festival adapts to the circumstances by re-naming it temporarily to Montreal almost circus and propelling her directly into the living room of the people feats of juggling, Cyr wheel, hand to hand, and Korean board through the small screen.

Montréal complètement cirque would have normally had to boot in a few days, but the COVID-19 making law, until further order, the organization has chosen to put its 11th edition in 2021 and to “reinvent” temporarily his / her appointment.

The alternative Montreal almost circus will take the body through a series of short films entitled “At random in the city,” imagined, designed and created by Brigitte Poupart, artistic director of Montreal almost circus.

Clown polisher

In the eight episodes of about five minutes, to be broadcast HERE ARTV television and on the web from Tuesday, 7 July, the actress Nathalie Claude embodies a polisher floor engaged by one knows not who, that breathes poetry and madness to each of its strokes of the broom.

“This character is a bit of a tribute to Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton in a female version, reminiscent of the silent films of the era, says Brigitte Poupart, in the interview. Nathalie is, according to me, an actress incredible and a clown great. This person has a truth and an authenticity wonderful, which are the primary qualities of a clown.”

On her journey, she will meet various services of cirque and will incorporate, “in places that are incongruous and unexpected,” says Brigitte Poupart.

It will among other things prevent a man from jumping of a roof (trampoline), fantasmera an acrobat bold during his coffee break (smooth rope), taquinera of the painters activity not far from it (Korean board) and attempt to retrieve her purse stolen by a young man (the rings chinese and skateboarding).

Eaten end to end, the skits make up a complete story over a day of 12 hours, but are quite understandable when viewed on the unit.

Team prestige

Appreciative of the team she shoulder, mask the face and in the observance of the rules of distancing physical – “it is super well done”, assure-t-it –, Brigitte Poupart is pleased to have been able to lead a twenty performers from circus talent, usually on tour elsewhere in the world, with prestigious companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Éloize or Les 7 Doigts, and currently in Montreal due to the containment.

“We rarely have as many good interpreters free in Montreal at the same time, notifies the designer. We thus have pairs of people who live together and who, therefore, can work together, and soloists moved away. The performers do not wear masks, because their numbers are very cardio, but the magic of the installation is that they look close anyway.”

Entirely shot on the rue Saint-Denis, which serves as background to the Montréal complètement cirque for the past 10 years, the capsules At random from the city,” put in the value of the urban architecture of this corner of the city, the sound of music original fignolée by the author-composer-interpreter Pilou (“The true nature”).

“It is extremely stimulating, launches Brigitte Poupart. Everyone was happy to be back at work. It is like a breath of fresh air, and it gives hope that we are going to better days. Or, alternatively, that we would find other ways to make the creation. Me, I believe.”

Thumbnails “random city” will be released randomly on the waves by ARTV for the duration of the festival, from 8 to 18 July. Montreal almost circus will also be spontaneous performances throughout the city. More information is available at montrealcompletementcirque.com.

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