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Rap et belles oreilles

Friends for barely two and a half years, rapper Koriass and FouKi quickly found affinity, to the point of wanting to make an album as a duo. A few days ago, in a surprise, they have launched the drive Geniuses of grass, which is already receiving very good comments. The Journal spoke with Emmanuel Dubois and Leo Ferns, of their real names.

In addition to the title Geniuses in the grass, the album includes a few references audio Rock et belles oreilles. How did you come up with this idea ?

FouKi : ” I only knew RBO name, especially The wild fire of love. But I didn’t know the trick of Geniuses in the grass [a sketch classic group of humor]. We had a “cottage” creative and it is Manu who showed me the video. I fell in love. I was looking at this the same all alone at home ! “

Koriass : ” the idea of The Geniuses of grass had come to me because of a line that I say on high Tide. I showed the clip to Leo and we decided to take him to bind the album. “

Is this that guy from RBO are aware of what you have done ?

FouKi : ” We had to ask for permission, in fact. They approved and were very happy. We thank them even on the album. “

Koriass : ” It was on my “bucket list” of thank RBO on an album. [laughter] It is a blink of an eye, a way to sample a big piece of the culture “keb” that is Rock and belles oreilles. I thought it was cool to make a nod to it. And for most young people, it can introduce them to the group. “

Could you invite them to participate in a video possibly ?

FouKi : ” You have got to give us a good idea, there ! “

Koriass : ” We had not thought of that ! When this will be possible… “

How do you feel to release an album so that you can only do the shows ?

FouKi : ” I imagine that in a year, we’ll do the shows as if we had never done in our lives ! We are going to “perform” as never before. There is always a positive point to anything. “

Koriass : ” anyway, there was not a tour this summer. We should probably play in the fall and winter, and do some festivals next year. It will be necessary to delay the turn, but I think the fans will be more ready than ever. “

We speak to allow concerts in the drive-ins this summer. Is this an option that you brancherait ?

FouKi : ” Oh boy, this would be epic ! “

Koriass : ” I would be “down”. Especially as it is as an emblem of Saint-Eustache [where it originated]. It is something cultural there, the opening of the drive-ins. I think that would be sick ! “

FouKi, you follow the career of Koriass for several years. What did you think of him as a rapper ?

“It is because of Koriass, Alaclair Ensemble, Dead Obies that I started to listen to rap québécois. Before that, I was listening to just hip hop, such as Wu-Tang Clan, Eminem and 50 Cent, and French, as IAM. “

Koriass, what were your first impressions when you heard of FouKi ?

“I thought it sounded good, he had a good sense of melody. The first time I heard it, it was in the Gaspé peninsula. The person where I was listened to. And by chance, shortly after, FouKi called me to collaborate on a song. “

Why have you decided to do a full album together ?

Koriass : At the beginning, we had said that we would do a few tunes and get out. But after two tunes, we thought we should make an album. It’s never really been in Quebec a full album together of two rappers. It is often done in the United States with Method Man & Redman or Jay-Z and Kanye West for Watch the Throne. It was the perfect opportunity. We did not have to force business. It all happened very naturally. “

The common album of Koriass and FouKi, Geniuses of grass, is available on the market.

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