Rape of a Jewish teenager in Courbevoie: “Her attackers stole her childhood”, the poignant testimony of the victim’s parents

Rape of a Jewish teenager in Courbevoie: “Her attackers stole her childhood”, the poignant testimony of the victim’s parents

Le hangar à Courbevoie où a été agressée la jeune fille. MAXPPP – Benjamin Derveaux

Le samedi 15 juin, une adolescente de 12 ans a été violée à Courbevoie dans les Hauts-de-Seine. Les parents de la victime se sont confiés auprès de nos confrères du Parisien.

Almost a week after the terrible events that occurred in Courbevoie, in the Paris region, the parents of the 12-year-old girl, insulted, beaten and raped because she was Jewish, decided to" break the silence and speak for the first time, in an interview with Le Parisien.

"This is a clearly anti-Semitic act"

The victim's father first gives news of his daughter, still very disturbed by the attack she suffered. "She is very shocked. His attackers stole his childhood. This shock causes him to have reminiscences and flashbacks at night. It’s a pretty painful daily life. Since then she has had more difficulty confiding in", he says.

He returns to the search and then the moment when he found his child "in tears, in total distress". But the worst is yet to come for parents. They then discover the reasons for their daughter's aggression.

"For me, this is a clearly anti-Semitic act which is linked to the importation into France of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.&nbsp ;The punitive expedition consisted of coming to massacre a person because they are Jewish, assures the father. According to the mother, one of the suspects asked the young victim about her religion, even though she had indicated that she was Muslim.

An anti-Semitic act

If the teenager had been hiding her religion for several months, it was for a very specific reason. "After October 7, our daughter suffered harassment at her school and was ostracized because of her religion. It started during the month of November with Nazi salutes, swastikas on the tables at school and jokes about the Shoah. It is for these reasons that she had to suggest to F. [One of the suspects] a few weeks before the events that she was Muslim", underlines the mother with our colleagues from Parisien.

"A confusion has taken place in part of public opinion between Israel, seen as the aggressor of the Palestinian people, and the French Jews who are therefore singled out and denounced for events which take place several thousand kilometers away", deplores the father.

A parallel with the Middle East

The parents of the teenager, still deeply shocked by the facts, seem to see a similar act between what their daughter suffered and the situation in the Middle East. “We believe there is a mimicry between the acts perpetrated by Hamas terrorists in the kibbutzim and what our daughter suffered down the street from us in Courbevoie”, compares the mother.

The time has now come for reconstruction and hope for this devastated family. “We are simply waiting for justice to recognize what our daughter has experienced as crimes. We also hope that French society becomes fully aware of the level of violence and hatred that 13-year-old children are capable of against another child, on the pretext that he is Jewish,”, concludes the father.

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