Raphael (Angels 11) and Montaine have they slept together ? The candidate responds to the sequence buzz

Raphael (Angels 11) and Montaine have they slept together ? The candidate responds to the sequence buzz

That happened in the cellar between Montaine and Raphael Glitch ? The friend of Vincent Queijo he cheated on Tiffany with the ex of Julien Tanti ? A sequence of Angels 11 has made the buzz this Monday, April 8, 2019, and since then, internet users are confident that the two candidates have slept together. The pretty blonde restores the truth.

This year in The Angels 11, the images of night are often used to provide us with sequences of unexpected, like when Montaine has joined the boys room, or even when a violent quarrel between Océane (Beauty Game) and Liyah took place. Wait, this is not finished.

The mystery of the wine cellar

In the last episode, broadcast on NRJ 12, we had the right to a new moment surprising : as we have seen Raphael Pepin join Montaine in the cellar… in the middle of the night. After the story of the laundry between Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj in The Marseille VS. the rest of The world 3, here is the story of the wine cellar.

After a while, I noticed that Raph was watching Montaine in a weird way. I think he wanted to stay alone with Montaine. I saw him make a sign to be Abel to tell us to leave“, confessed Niccolo facing the camera before Julien Guirado does not crame the friend of Vincent Queijo and the former candidate of the Marseillais. Raphael Pepin would he have sided with Montaine when he is in a relationship with Tiffany ? Internet users are convinced.

“It looks like it happened a crazy thing”

The sweetheart Maxime Lopez has obviously decided to re-establish the truth about Snapchat : “It’s beginning to bug me that they’re images like this and they don’t say what happened. It looks like it happened a crazy thing then not at all. Since I have taken the head with Raph there is a week or two, we didn’t speak to either on or off. You should know that it is my friend in real life, it made me ch*er not to talk to him.

Montaine then tells what really happened in this famous wine cellar : “Niccolo, Abel, Raph and me, we were talking all 4 of everything and nothing. Niccolo and Abel went to bed themselves, Raph did not sign. When we found ourselves alone with Raph, we started to explain. The slightest of things when we talk to someone, and that is to follow. So, I went to take the Coke in the cellar and he followed me to discuss. We talked about our dispute. Julien arrived at this time, as we have seen, had been heard. We had nothing to blame himself (…) there has been anything more, I do not see where is the evil.” Still a great story !

Montaine (Angels 11) restores the truth about the story with Raphael Pepin


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