Rapid tests in pharmacies: an imposing distribution operation underway

Rapid tests in pharmacies: a massive distribution operation underway

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As of Monday, Quebecers will be able to obtain rapid tests in their pharmacy. TVA Nouvelles visited the distribution center of Jean Coutu pharmacies on Sunday where a monster operation has been underway for only a few days. & nbsp;

In the warehouse located in Varennes, thousands are being prepared of boxes each containing 108 tests. These will then be sent to some 1,900 pharmacies across Quebec.

Each business will receive a box initially. Subsequently, the objective is to provide an additional one per day to each pharmacy, for a daily total of 150,000 to 200,000 tests.

“Orchestrate an operation like the one that is being started, it's a month's job, normally. We learned on Tuesday that this operation was going to take place. Quebec drug wholesalers mobilized quickly, “Hugues Mousseau, CEO of the Quebec Association of Pharmacy Distributors, explained in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

” It's an effort that mobilized hundreds of people across all wholesalers, ”he added.

The distribution operation aims to provide 4.3 million tests to pharmacies before Christmas.

To see the full explanation, watch the video above.

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