Rapper Serega has again become a student: details

The artist entered the Kharkov aviation Institute

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Рэпер Серега снова стал студентом: подробности


Famous Belarusian rapper Seryoga, who now participates in the show “Dances with stars z”, entered the masters program at the Kharkiv aviation Institute at the faculty of aircraft construction.

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That the ranks of the students joined artist, reported on the official website of the institution in Instagram. Seryoga (real name is Sergei Parkhomenko. – Ed.) was captured at the time of filing.

Рэпер Серега снова стал студентом: подробности

On 1 September, the artist will begin training at the Kharkov aviation Institute for master’s degree by correspondence. Note that two years ago Seryoga was already trying to get a higher education, namely in his native Gomel University named after Francisk Skorina. But for his career he was never able to get a diploma.

Recall that Serge is involved in the project “Dances with stars z” paired with Adelina Delhi. On 25 August during the first live dance couple surprised a freestyle to the famous Russian song of the artist – “Black Boomer”. Francisco Gomez advised Serge to work on choreography and gave the pair a total of 6 points. In sum, Adeline and Serge got 19 points.

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