Ratings: the hockey Canada return to the top

Cotes d’écoute: le hockey du Canadien de retour au sommet

The return of hockey has attracted 846 100 viewers on Tuesday, for a market share of 39.1 %.

According to preliminary data from Numeris, 487 500 Quebecers have looked at the confrontation in the Montreal-Toronto to TVA, and 376 600 have follow-up to TVA Sports. A peak of 1 150 000 was recorded during the game.

This is an increase compared to the parties pre-COVID-19 CH presented on TVA Sports this year, which had an average of 566 000 followers on Saturday.

Hockey was the most-watched show on Tuesday night, in front of the TVA Nouvelles 18 h (662 000 viewers) and Sweet and salty (559 000 viewers). Good evening, good evening ! rallied 366 300 interested in Radio-Canada.

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