Rayane Bensetti (Let’s Dance) : scene improvised, battle with Brahim Zaibat… he entrusts himself (itw)

Rayane Bensetti (Let’s Dance) and Guillaume de Tonquédec confide in interview with PRBK

After Tamara 2, Rayane Bensetti is back at the cinema, on Wednesday 27 march 2019, in Let’s Dance, his first major role. On the occasion of the release of the film, directed by Ladislas Chollat, PRBK has met the interpreter of Joseph and Guillaume de Tonquédec to the test with our quiz of the Match or Next. Scene improvised, battle with Brahim Zaibat, a suite with Denitsa Ikonomova… the two actors confide in the interview.

Five years after her victory in Dancing with the stars 5, Rayane Bensetti found the middle of the dance and the cinema. The actor performer in Let’s Dance, the role of Joseph, a fan of hip hop who arrives in Paris with his girlfriend Emma and her best friend Karim (Mehdi Kerkouche) to try to integrate the crew of Yuri (Brahim Zaibat) to participate in a dance contest. Except that his projects fall to the water when her girlfriend and the famous breaker betray him. He takes refuge at Remi (Guillaume de Tonquédec) and becomes a teacher of classical dance. Joseph will then meet up with Chloe and decide to mix hip-hop and the classic for the contest.

Rayane Bensetti and Guillaume de Tonquédec in interview

A first major role for Rayane Bensetti. PRBK has also had the opportunity to meet the sides of Guillaume de Tonquédec (do not Do this, do not do it) for an interview a little special called Match or Next. An interview during which the former star of Clem is not really a fan of One, dos, tres and that she would not be willing to wear a tutu in public. The interpreter of Joseph, to him, is not against this idea.

Rayane Bensetti we then shared that the scene where he reproduces the worn mythical Dirty Dancing with Mehdi Kerkouche was totally improvised : “This was not planned at all, it has been added (…) We never thought that we’d be able to do it.” But otherwise, the two actors Let s Dance would be ready to face Brahim Zaibat in battle ? Live in roommate’ all 2 ? Or even to turn a suite with Denitsa Ikonomova ? They meet in the interview to discover in our slideshow.

Let’s Dance is to discover at the cinema today.

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