Raymond Cloutier's career in 5 souvenir photos

Raymond Cloutier's career in 5 souvenir photos

MISE & Agrave; DAY

Le Grand Cirque Ordinaire & nbsp; & nbsp;

In 1969, more than 50 years ago! Raymond Cloutier founded the collective Le Grand Cirque Ordinaire with somewhat rebellious actor friends, including Claude Laroche, Gilbert Sicotte and Suzanne Garceau (photo). Together, they were going to mark the way of doing theater in Quebec, by offering engaged and free shows, loaded with songs and improvisation.

Comedy and drama & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp ;

Raymond Cloutier, aged 34, while playing in the comedy by German author Henri Kleist, La cruche cassée , at the TNM in 1978. The same year, he defended the title role of historical film Riel (Louis, Métis leader) and he joined the film sets of the drama Cordélia , directed by Jean Beaudin, alongside Louise Portal.

< h3> Fat 30s & nbsp; & nbsp;

May 1984, Raymond Cloutier, 30, as he was preparing the expected return of the Grand Circus Ordinary to the Théâtre de Quat’Sous. He had just landed the starring role of Lieutenant Lafontaine in the popular Radio-Canada series The Agent Made Happiness , alongside Roger Lebel, and he was teaching the performing arts. Three years later, he became the director of the Conservatory of Dramatic Art of Montreal.

Couple of actors & nbsp; & nbsp;

With the actress Danielle Proulx, in January 1985. They ended a major tour with the play Waiter . That same year began the broadcast on Radio-Canada of the popular sitcom L ' agent makes happiness , in which they played two police officers. Their son, actor and singer Émile Proulx-Cloutier, was born two years earlier.

In the skin of Drapeau & nbsp; & nbsp;

He 30 years ago, in the series written by Lise Payette, Montréal ville ouvert , broadcast in 1992, Raymond Cloutier took up the challenge of playing the colorful Jean Drapeau who, a lawyer at the time, had attacked organized crime and corruption with Pacifique Plante. Fortunately, he had the chance to observe the mayor during an interview, while he was morning man on CKVL radio.

  • Raymond Cloutier is on tour with the play Oleanna , a classic by David Mamet. He plays a distinguished scholar alongside Catherine De Léan ( District 31 ) a student, critic of her teaching. A fight behind closed doors against a background of sexual harassment. & nbsp; & nbsp;
  • We can see the actor in Luc Picard's film, Confessions < strong>, from March 18, 2022. He plays Germain Gallant, alongside Picard who plays the role of the famous hitman Gérald Gallant. & nbsp; & nbsp;
  • The author released two books in 2021, the novel The deadline , the story of a couple whose breakup is inevitable, but who continue to live in denial, and The improvisation found , a work that traces the passion of the actor, driven for 50 years by the art of improvisation. & nbsp; & nbsp;
  • The actor also embodies the 'Abbé Sébastien in La faille II . On Club illico. & nbsp; & nbsp;
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