Re-opening of shopping centres : no traffic monster to Rimouski

Réouverture des centres commerciaux : pas d’achalandage monstre à Rimouski

This was not the goodwill of the Holiday season at the Carrefour Rimouski, in this June 1, the date of reopening of the shopping centers other than those of the Montreal region and in the MRC of Joliette, but in spite of everything, consumers were looking forward obviously to find their habits.

The doors open at 9: 30 a.m., a few dozen customers were on the premises, aware that the “shopping” in the time of a pandemic will be very different, was able to see a team of VAT New.

In addition to comply with sanitary measures, they will have to get used to the presence of security guards at the entrance and inside shopping centres. Limiting the loitering, all the benches, tables and chairs have been removed at the Carrefour Rimouski.

“There are a lot of procedures to protect the world. I brought some masks just in case, but I bear not yet,” said a client.

“It is sure that I have not yet done the tour, I don’t know what is open and what is closed. There are those who do not will re-open may be never”, has launched another consumer.

On the side of the merchants, we are looking forward to being able to resume business. Still, many shops remained closed Monday morning at the Carrefour Rimouski. According to the direction of the shopping centre, it will take two to three weeks before things realign.

“We don’t know how it’s going to unfold in the first time. We will see if the customer will go on”, explained his side of Sylvain Bernier, the owner of the Center of the vacuum cleaner.

“It is sure that this is a bit of the unknown. How customers will react? But the customer was there before, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be there after,” said for his part Norman St-Pierre, the manager of the jewelry Mozart.

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