Re-opening of the gym : subscribers rejoice

Réouverture des gyms : les abonnés jubilent

MONTREAL – It is with a huge smile across her face from ear to ear the subscribers of the gyms in Quebec were able to return to their sports halls, Monday, during the first day where the government allowed them to reopen their doors.

“Everyone is happy. We announced our re-opening on social networks and the response from our customers was 100% positive, has expressed the manager, Nautilus Plus Berri-UQAM, Amélie Sasseville, at a meeting in the early afternoon.

“People were just looking forward to come back in and they told us that they were willing to do anything to revise their coaches and the people they train.”

Among these people, there was Steve Fillion, who was jumping up and down on his elliptical machine.

“I’m crazy of happiness, because I train at home, I am unable to do that, he said. I had no motivation, I tried for a week and it was a flop on all levels. I need to be here with all of the machines.”

“Honestly, I took 15 lbs and I ate bad like that can’t be true,” said Mr Fillion. I was so anxious and annoyed that I made up for with the food. In this moment, I am in love with my machine.”

An application

However, this is not all the gyms who have chosen or been able to reopen their facilities on Monday, as policy makers in quebec have announced their re-opening last Wednesday.

In fact, several sports halls have preferred to take a few additional days in order to put in place measures of safety and health of more.

At Nautilus Plus, however, it was decided to reopen the whole of the 37 gyms.

“We were surprised, we thought that we were going to reopen in July. This is what we were originally told, said Ms. Sasseville. Finally, we were told that we were going to open on Monday. We were surprised, but we were ready. Everything was in place for a month. We knew what we had to do.”

The group has decided to focus on a mobile application that counted the number of people present.

“This allows us to comply with the directives of the government and inform our subscribers in real time”, explained the director of marketing and communication, Karine Larose. In practical terms, this allows the customers not to move for nothing, and to choose a gym.”

“We have calculated our area and in function of the two meters of distance, we determined that we could receive a maximum of 86 people,” said Ms. Sasseville in speaking of his branch.

And the mask?

Other measures have also been put in place.

“We have sanitizers in each of our sections, we have also installed an additional sink and we ask people to arrive in a sports outfit. Our locker rooms are open, but we ask that they are only used to go to the toilet.”

In regards to the mask, Nautilus Plus does not require its subscribers, but the entire staff must wear it.

“It is certain that he must be careful, said Mr Fillion. There is the possibility of wearing a mask. To me, I decided not to put it, because I choked. However, if I feel I have no choice, I’ll wear it.”

Installed a little later, Steve Gosien said not to be bothered by the idea that the mask is not mandatory.

“For me, it was not a problem. There are people who wear masks and others do not. We keep our distance and there is a lot of respect.”

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