Re-opening of the MMFA: pandemic and mummies make good bedfellows

Réouverture du MBAM: pandémie et momies font bon ménage

The Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal was ready to welcome new visitors Saturday. A return to the proverbial “new normal,” which went through smoothly.

The reopening of the MUSEUM and of the exhibition on the mummies of Egypt, until June 28, this year, has made the happiness of many Montrealers at the end of the week. Those who had not purchased their tickets on the Internet beforehand, however, encountered the nose on a closed door. Fortunately we had thought to book our own view of this story.

12: 30 pm. We arrive in front of the Michal and Renata Hornstein Pavilion, our e-ticket in the palm of our palms, in our smart phone. The friendly security guard we offers to wait fifteen minutes in the shade to avoid sunburn.

12: 45 pm. This is the time listed on our drop-in PDF format. One enters the dropper respecting the social distancing of two metres and spraying the hand sanitizer before going through the revolving door.

Upon entering the lobby, we quickly realized that all employees are hidden. The intake worker indicates to us that the toilets are available on arrival only, and that the locker room is closed. The family in front of us will have to visit the sarcophagi of ancient times in trimballant his big stroller.

13: 05. Our e-ticket is scanned by the teller, protected by a high wall of plexiglass. Beside it, paintings of the ancient come alive on the video screen to remind us of the safety instructions. Wearing a mask is strongly suggested, but not mandatory.

13: 25. The central staircase crossed, one is finally introduced in the exhibition hall where we will move at a snail’s pace throughout the visit. Arrows and dots have been drawn on the ground to ensure social distancing. It’ll have to be patient to explore the exhibition and gaze upon the sarcophagi in these conditions.

During our visit, which lasted nearly two hours, two wardens of halls faufileront to a hair of we, contrary to their own guidelines. Isolated events and not representative of other security measures put in place by the staff of the MMFA. It was, overall, very well organized.

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