Re-opening of the restaurants as early as Monday : everything you need to know

Réouverture des restaurants dès lundi : tout ce que vous devez savoir

A few hours before the grand re-opening of the dining-rooms on the outside of the greater Montreal region, the restorers of the outside busy themselves with last-minute preparations to welcome the customer, three months after being forced to close.

This re-opening includes the one of the terraces, the restaurants in hotels and those in the malls. Only the bars providing a catering service have the permission to reopen. The date of reopening of the bars, strictly speaking, is not yet known.

Of course, this reopening is strongly framed. Restaurants are required to obey the instructions of the public health.

Thus, questions could be asked at the arrival of customers, for example: do you have symptoms of the COVID-19 (fever, dry cough, loss of sense of smell)? Or: have you been in contact with a sick person?;

Under health rules, the clients will also be required to wash or sanitize their hands before entering the facility.

Also, the tables should be arranged at a distance of two metres from each other. Ten people from three addresses of residence different may be seated at a single table in the maximum. The people living at the same address will be seated nearby. If this target cannot be met, customers must be within two meters distance of the other people at the table or be separated by walls transparent.

All the items that can be manipulated by several people have been removed from the tables, the salt, the pepper, and condiments, for example.

It is also asked to adhere to the social distancing with the servers. To this effect, it is suggested that the employees of restaurants have a mask and a visor.

It is also suggested to present the menu on a slate to avoid the distribution of menus paper.

It is also recommended restaurants to disinfect completely the tables and chairs in between each client.

To note that the inhabitants of the greater metropolitan area of Montréal will have to wait one more week, while dining rooms will be ready to reopen on June 22.

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