Re-opening of the restaurants: looking forward in spite of the measures “wacky”

MONTREAL | heads owners montrealers were looking forward to re-open their restaurants on June 22, even if they find some health measures are excessive.

“The measures that are required are completely wacky. Mask, visor at the restaurant, it cut the party this is not too long”, says the popular chef Danny St Pierre, who juggles as always with several projects.

He has started the Toboggan Club just before the pandemic took advantage of the downtime to develop Accomodation Danny, a service pizzeria for take-out or delivery that it would continue to operate during the return to normal.

The standards that will be required to follow the restaurateurs when they will re-open their doors are indeed very strict: wearing the mask for the service staff and kitchen, eye protection when the rule of two metres could not be met, a distance effect between the groups of more than 10 people at one table a…

“When you look at most of the other places who practice a local service, these standards are not imposed. I don’t see why the restoration must go through that,” related Danny St Pierre.

Antonin Mousseau-Rivard, the founder and head of the Mousso, is also the extent of the sanitary measures required impressive.

“We will adapt. We don’t have the choice. We need to do is enter the subject”, he says, wishing that clients will remember when they visit that one is in a situation of pandemic.

The required distance between the tables will significantly reduce the number of guests in the restaurants and will result in a loss of income.

“There is no restaurant in the world that is made to open at 30 or 50%. When making predictions, it is necessary that the restaurant is full”, he insists.


When questioned as to whether the date of 22 June is early or late, the two chefs will refrain from comment. Mr. Mousseau-Rivard took the opportunity to denounce the lack of help.

“We are the industries most affected and vulnerable. It is a false aid, loans, this is not the real help,” he laments.

“It takes us a help, it is necessary that the gastronomy is protected. It is necessary that we have to go for more help than that. It is one of the only industries where people put so much time and money to situations as precarious and fragile,” adds the head of the Mousso, who does not want to put all the restaurants in the same boat.

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