Re-opening of the restaurants: lots of bookings and happy customers

Réouverture des restos: beaucoup de réservations et des clients heureux

Despite a few apprehensions, Françine Burned, the owner of five restaurants, Les enfants Terribles, is optimistic and delighted by the enthusiasm that already show customers for the opening of restaurants in the greater Montreal area on Monday.

At one of his restaurants could open in the eastern Townships last week. “We are optimistic with Magog. There are a lot of reservations in all the restaurants. The clients were eager to call. I am very encouraged by the first week,” says Ms. Burned.

“It is beyond our expectations. One must even reject customers so people want to come to the restaurant. They are happy, in a good mood. They have so much desire to get out. They have had enough. It is necessary to begin to have a bit of fun. In the last three months, it has been difficult to have fun,” explains the restorative experience.

Tables spaced out, gels, hydro-alcoholic, masks, visors, is that it complicates things to Children Terrible? “Clients say: “take off your mask, I want to see your smile, I hear nothing of what you say.” The mask with the visor is a problem, it does not make the service very pleasant. With the visor, we see the smile, we hear about. Separate the tables, the menus, one has a lot of adjustments to make, but the customers are very patient,” says Francine Burned.

Having large spaces at its disposal, the conservator is concerned for those who work in small local and its brothers and sisters of the restoration.

“Small restaurants that do not have a terrace, I don’t know how they are going to follow. The new measures mean that it becomes a third of the restaurant, not 50%”, laments Ms. Burned.

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