Re-opening of the restaurants: the good mood on the rue des Forges, Trois-Rivières

Réouverture des restaurants: de la bonne humeur sur la rue des Forges, à Trois-Rivières

The re-opening of the highly anticipated restaurants has made the happiness of many-to-Three-Rivers.

“After three months locked in with us, it is great to get out, and, with the nice weather, I feel that I am alive”, has launched a customer met by TVA News.

“The containment has been hard economically for the region. They had to reopen! They are not open to full capacity, but it had to move,” said another consumer.

Even the minister of Labour, Jean Boulet, member of parliament for the area, was there.

“I feel at home when I’m on the Forges. A feeling which animates me also when I’m in Shawinigan. Today, I am particularly proud of the work done by the two cities. They have been an example for many cities in Quebec in the process of re-opening restaurants,” he said.

Sanitary measures

The customer experience is changed: stations for disinfecting the hands are installed at the entrance to restaurants. The servers wear masks and eye protection. Some opt for the visor. Physical barriers are also part of the new decor of the restaurants.

All objects that can be manipulated by several, such as salt and pepper were removed from the tables. New technologies are used to remove the menus-traditional.

“We have invested close to$ 5,000. To get the menu, customers are now required to use their cell phone to enter the code indicated on the tables. We’re ready and we know that the customers were in a hurry,” said Jean-Sebastien Rondeau, the manager of the restaurant, The Pot, on the rue des Forges.

The respect of the two meters, remains a challenge. Remember that restaurants do not accommodate more than 10 people per table.

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