Re-opening of The Round mask required and no queue

Réouverture de La Ronde: masque obligatoire et aucune file d’attente

MONTREAL – La Ronde amusement park has re-opened its doors Saturday for the privileged few, who have had to get used to wearing the mask both inside and outside of the rides, in spite of the suffocating heat.

“I hurt in the heart. I have a bit of brain Jello. I have the impression that it is worse because of the mask. I would have thought that in the open air, it would not have been forced to wear it, but we are going to do with it”, dropped Eric Brière at the output of the “Vampire”.

“It is safe to 30 degrees, it is not pleasant to wear the mask, but the experience is less worse than I thought”, has tempered Audrey-Anne Lessard, who was waiting with impatience the re-opening of The Round, as is permitted by the public health since one month, but that involved a lot of adjustments to come to fruition.

Strict rules

This weekend and next weekend, only holders of a season pass can access the site.

The amusement park will open to the public on 3 August, under reservation only.

In addition to limiting the traffic, The Round has put in place health measures are extremely strict. We take the temperature of everyone at the entrance. The bags are no longer searched by hand; a detection system does the work.

The arcades are closed. Most of the roller coasters are open, but there is a distancing between groups of people: it is impossible to be sitting next to a stranger for a ride.

In short, with all these provisions, the social distancing of the two meters is easy to follow, but The Round was to do more than the public health and to require the wearing of the mask.

“We are aware [that the mask can be uncomfortable]. It is for this reason that we have put in eight areas where they can be removed, in addition to the dining areas, where you can remove it to eat”, has defended Karina Thevenin, spokesman for the american group, Six Flags, owner of the famous amusement park on île Notre-Dame.

No file

Six Flags prohibits the consumption of food outside of the dining areas. On Saturday morning, only a handful of restaurants were open.

In fact, had it not been for the heat, it was like being on a week day in may or in October; nothing to do with a Saturday of a holiday of the construction in normal times! The crowd is so maintained at a minimum threshold that there is almost no waiting, to the delight of visitors.

“If there had been two times more people and we had to wait with the mask, then it would have been difficult, but there are not expected to,” commented Karine Lemelin, who was come to take advantage of this first day with his son.

Six Flags refuses to say exactly how many people are allowed to pass through the turnstiles per day, but provides that this limit will remain in force as long as necessary.

One thing is certain, those who want to go to The Round from 3 August should book their ticket on the website. No day displays complete yet, but the fans must do it quickly, warns it.


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