Re-opening: the owners of the bar caught short by Quebec

Réouverture: les tenanciers de bar pris de court par Québec

If the re-opening of bars is in itself good news, Quebec announced it in a way that is the subject of some ire among the tenants.

“The idea is that learning to 14h that the bars will re-open at 16: 30, it was impossible, yesterday, to the most bars, to be ready,” says Pierre Thibault, president of the Association of the bar of Quebec.

Mr. Thibault denounces, moreover, the management “a little strange” of public health. In his opinion, keepers have had little leeway to renew the stocks, to remind the employees and comply with the health standards imposed.

“There are people, perhaps, who had prepared the blow, because we knew it was coming, but, since the beginning, in the world of bars, one feels that it is very difficult for the government to do the planning,” says Mr. Thibault.

The sanitary measures to be followed will be essentially the same as elsewhere. Pierre Thibault recognizes, however, that the spacing of social risk to be the biggest challenge.

Mr. Thibault is adamant: the facilities will not be cost-effective.

“This is not really cost-effective in abilities, which are decreased largely with two meters distance. It means that travelling at roughly 30% of the maximum capacity”, he says.

He rejoices all the same, the wage subsidy provided by Ottawa and hope that economic measures will be announced by the minister of the Economy of Quebec, Pierre Fitzgibbon, to help the institutions regarded as discos, which may not open.

“What we hope, is that there is a little bit of indulgence for everyone, both at the level of the police and the CNESST”, if only for two or three days, the time to adapt to the new reality, asks Mr. Thibault.


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