Reaches of the COVID-19: “Mr Candy,” guard the moral

Atteint de la COVID-19: «Monsieur Bonbon» garde le moral

LONGUEUIL | “Mr. Candy” retains his good mood even if he is bedridden at the CHSLD Henriette-Céré, Longueuil, due to the COVID-19.

Mr. Candy, or Donald Scott his real name, is well-known to passers-by of the chemin Chambly. For more than 10 years ago, he was strolling around in his wheelchair to sell candy and spoil the residents of his NURSING homes.

Today, it is from him that we need to take care after he contracted the virus. The man is recovering from the illness that has seeped into his CHLSD, and make it the epicenter of the epidemic in the Montérégie-Centre.

How is he today? “Ben is alright,” he replied to the journalist Denis Therriault VAT New.

“The passers-by, I miss a lot. I like it, greet them every morning, every day,” admitted the convalescent.

It would seem that the feeling is shared: several, worried, have asked news of Mr. Candy Denis Therriault while the latter was preparing to enter the red zone of the LTCU, located in the borough of Saint-Hubert.

Just before the start of the pandemic, Donald Scott was awarded the medal of the national Assembly for his involvement in the community. A community that he has looking forward to.

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