Ready to change your life to be orderlies

Prêts à changer de vie pour être préposés aux bénéficiaires

Jean-François Racine and
Hugo Duchaine

Attracted by the promise of a salary of $ 50,000, for new professional challenges or to help his neighbor, they decided to become servants to the beneficiaries. The Journal spoke with six of these people in the course of first different who have decided to make the big jump.

At the age of 23, he wants to “help the world”

23 years old, the Montrealer Jean-Simon Deslauriers had to pass a job interview as a cook at minimum wage before the pandemic strikes.

Yesterday, he registered to become a care attendant in a CHSLD. “I jumped at the opportunity,” he said, not having the fear of the weight of the work.
He had recently completed her secondary education, but he had not the means to enrol in vocational training.

“I’m not doing this for the money, but really to help the world,” he says. Nevertheless, the proposed salary for the training and employment then would make a “mean difference” compared to social assistance than it currently receives.

He is willing to travel by public transport to training and even to work at night, since it had already been a volunteer for Operation red Nose, ” he said.

Major needs in the region ?

Is it that the needs will be urgent and essential in the region, outside of major urban centres ? This is the question posed by Marie-Ève Pelletier, a citizen of Saint-Ulric, near Matane, in Bas-Saint-Laurent. The mother of two children wants to try his luck in the hope that positions will be available close to home. “It takes the vocation. I have always helped the elderly, starting with my grandfather. The short training is interesting and I don’t want to miss my chance. Return to school for a year or two, this is not always obvious. I am evaluating the options when my children will have finished their year in mid-June, ” says the 35 year old woman who has been an educator in child care. When she was living in Rivière-du-Loup, she had also worked as a COP for a short period of time, but without having the specific training.

Of attractive benefits

Cook and operator of heavy machinery, Yannick Ouellet has always been interested in the work attendant to the beneficiaries, but yesterday, he finally made the big jump by registering.

The father of four children, he could not afford to stop working for several months to follow vocational training. “It’s been a long time that I wanted to go in this business, there […]. It is always something that I was passionate to go to help people in their end-of-life, ” says the resident of Vaudreuil, at the age of 40 years.

He has studied administration, but ultimately has never worked in this area, ” he stressed.

The job stability and benefits are also attractive, ” he says, as the pay will not make much difference for him now.

He also knows what to expect in a CHSLD, having several friends in the area.

A popularity that worry the most dedicated

With more than 45 000 entries in a single day, those that truly wish to become servants to the beneficiaries worry about suddenly not be selected. “With so many entries, it is a little on the nerves “, said Kassandre Duplessis, who wanted to become a COP even before the pandemic.

“This is the opportunity of a life with a good wage and training on the ground,” said the Beauce region. The one who already has experience in the private affirms, however, that this is not a job for everyone.

“Changing a diaper is ordinary,” she said, confident of having the skills to be in charge. “I’m sure I’ll be good,” she said.

“I look forward to start”

Laid off due to the pandemic, Eric Leblanc says it is crossed by “a sense of pride,” which encourages them to launch into this new adventure. At the age of 48, father of two teens, feels “capable” of returning to school and “comfortable” to offer health care to the beneficiaries.

He does not hide, however, that the wage has been an important element in its decision. “A salary of $ 50,000, it is sure that in my area it is very well paid,’ said the man of Shawinigan, where a NURSING was strongly affected by the COVID. The salary gives a future perspective to Mr. Leblanc for “support education” of his son and buy a new property.

Very motivated to begin his training in the next few days, he sees the adventure as ” a lesson for my guys. After a crisis, there is opportunity to get up, ” he says.

Still a lot of questions

“Jaded” the labour administration it has done for several years, Isabelle Beaupré sees the implementation of the program to become a patient care attendant in three months as ” a beautiful opportunity to change career “.

She enrolled at the end of the press conference of the prime minister with the desire to ” contribute “. Still, Ms. Beaupré wants to have more details before the official launch.

“There are plenty of things to watch with the family,” she says. “That’s what I’m going to work night, day, on call ? questions-t-it. Is it going to me both physically and mentally ? “

When registering the phone, she was told that she would have a return within 48 hours.

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