Ready to rock the Quebec

Prêts à faire vibrer le Québec

Dozens of artists have repeated in a scorching heat on Sunday, the grand spectacle de la fête nationale du Québec which will take place for the first time without an audience tomorrow, and they are determined to smash the screen.

The pandemic of COVID-19 has forced the traditional spectacle of the national day to reinvent itself. There will only be one this year, Trois-Rivières on the 23rd of June, on the shores of the St. Lawrence, halfway between Quebec and Montreal.

The benches will be empty, but director Jean-François Blais, known to have worked on live of the universe and The Voice, has installed 450 small bulbs through the seats.

“I thought it was a beautiful symbol, at least to give us heat. I’ve tried it and it’s good for you, there is something soothing in there “, he says.

Hubert Lenoir and the facilitator Pierre Lapointe.

For the artists encountered on-site Sunday, these little lights symboliseront the spectators, failing to have a return of the public who normally reacts and applauds.

“There is not a light bulb that can replace a human with ears and a heart. But maybe we’ll hang on to this light, which symbolizes the heart of those who receive it, ” stresses the singer-songwriter Ariane Moffatt, who co-hosts the evening with Pierre Lapointe.

“It is true that in each of these lights there, there are people who are in the home,” noted Marie-Mai.


To mount this show in a few weeks, still need adjustments to the Amphitheatre Cogeco, especially for the respect of the two meters of distance physical, according to the producer Sylvain Parent-Bédard.

Small scenes, in particular, were furnished through the benches where people normally sit.

“All the artists have their own microphones. We followed all the standards of the public health. There are all the logistics of movement, the distance on the stage, the distancing in the boxes, the way of makeup, hair and other “, he explains.

Hundreds of lights have been installed all over the benches.


This national holiday happen it at the outset, the story because there was no audience ? The spokesman Didier Lucien believes that it will remember. “We’re going to say “I was there”. It is like the ice that. The Saint-Jean ‘with no public’ I have made, that one. And then we will know what age you have, ” he concludes, laughing.

  • The grand spectacle de la fête nationale, Quebec, in unison, will be broadcast on TVA, Radio-Canada, V and Télé-Québec on 23 June to 20 h.
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