“Ready to tear” – pet Lorak hard ribbing of Russian stars because of the talented beauty

"Готов рвать", - любимчик Лорак жестко пропесочил российских звезд из-за талантливой красотки

Sergey Lazarev, photo: YouTube

today, 18:37

The famous Russian singer Sergey Lazarev has made a real tantrum on the show “come together”. The contractor did not like the criticism of the young contestants.

Its explanation Sergey published online Instagram.

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“Yes, I’m Emotional! Yes, sometimes too quick-tempered, but I have a clear position, and always defend it convincingly, and all because I care. All my life I was sensitive to the injustice that is happening. I am against “stereotypes”, “narrow blinders and prejudices”, I am against the “bias and shortcuts”, I’m against it “baseless opinion”. I believe that the jury member should not evaluate the contestant on the language in which he sings! He must evaluate his performance, his vocal skills, artistry, etc., and not to impute to him the blame that he chose a song in a foreign language. Myself so often in this life “judged” and “stuffed” because of the idiotic stereotypes, and not only in music that I am very close to take to heart when you see that this is happening to my eyes in relation to the others.”, – says Lazarev.

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Recall, the boyfriend Lorak for the first time spoke about children: “they Have no mother.”

As reported Znayu Lazarev touched first photoshoot with children Nikita and Anya: a copy of the famous beauty, but not lorac.

Znayu wrote a fan of Lorak is not shared with Bilan “laurels” of the Eurovision song contest, reached the point of absurdity.

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