Réal Béland: “It’s going to be alien as affair”

Réal Béland: «Ça va être extraterrestre comme affaire»

In his career, Réal Béland has often had projects exploded, which brought in all sorts of directions. But the comedian, who has just celebrated his 30 years in the business, had so far never made jokes in a ciné-parc. It will remedy the situation this month, especially with the series of shows TD musiparc. The Journal spoke with him.

For a comedian, what you expect-you to make jokes to cars ?

“It’s going to be a good study of the market. We will be able to see if my audience has a lot of money or not (laughs) ! Honestly, I can’t wait to see it. I just have the taste to tell this to my grandchildren later. You can’t miss this experience. It’s going to be pretty alien-like case. This is something that intrigues me really. “

Have you hesitated the first time that you were offered to participate in this type of show ?

“It’s funny because on day 2 of the COVID, I called one of my buddies who is in the business and I told him that would be great, it is that there will be any shows in drive-in parks this summer ! Finally, the idea had fallen between two chairs and I had never mentioned this before. When they called me, a month ago, to ask me if I wanted to play in drive-ins, I found it really funny. “

According to you, why is it a good idea to play in drive-ins ?

“I often do some shows in the summer. I like it shows in the campsites. I find that people are in a good mood. In humor, it is fun when your audience is having fun already before entering the room. There’s something a little magical in the summer. So, playing in a ciné-parc, it is sure that you will not hear the laughter as if we were in a room, but we are going to feel the same. The windows will be open. I see it as being positive. I have the impression that it’s just going to be nice. I think people need to laugh. We, we need to go and express ourselves on stage. It’s been three and a half months that I’ve stopped. I can’t wait. “

What are you going to present on stage at TD musiparc for 75 minutes ?

“This will be the show that I present on tour, but with a little summarized. There will be no Latreille, unfortunately, because it’s complicated technically to do that in a cine-parc. I have the intention of doing stand-up and play very big. I have not written new material, because I feel that it takes the solid material to make a show in front of the cars. It is not too much time to improvise. I have not the taste to make jokes on the COVID because the comedians on the radio are very well occupied. And I feel that people don’t want to hear jokes on it which have all been made. “

It seems that the shows in drive-ins, it fits really with your universe burst, no ?

“This is the kind of idea that I could have even if there had been no COVID, indeed ! I like the real world. I’m bored not to go play in bars, small squares. I even had the idea that I could show on the screens of drive-ins all the films I’ve made and organize a kind of theme night. I could answer questions people post. This is something that I trots in the head. “

Playing in front of the cars might be a special experience for you. What were the shows in the most strange of your career ?

“I have played on boats, and in a St-Hubert restaurant. Also, the Wall in Fermont, where the people live, it is special. I’ve already been playing the silver mine Raglan, in northern Quebec. You have the impression to go play on the Moon ! ”

What happens with the tour for your 30e anniversary of his career ?

“I have shows that are set to resume in August and continue into the fall. I had a dozen of shows to do. And if all goes well, I also have to start the break-in of my new show. I had to launch it in February 2021, but I think this will probably be given a good six months. “

► In addition to his shows at TD musiparc (musiparc.com), Réal Béland will also moderate an evening of humor for the Greater Montreal Comic, the 11th of July in Terrebonne. For info: city.terrebonne.qc.ca/event/weekend-cultural

Of humor this week at TD musiparc

  • Réal Béland : July 17 (Mirabel, with the singer Christian Sbrocca and comedian Ouellet in the first part), 18 July (Quebec city, with Christian Sbrocca and Ouellet), 19 July (Mercier, with Ouellet)
  • Dominic and Martin : July 15 (Mirabel, with comedian Simon Delisle in the first part), 19 July (Gatineau, with comedian Martin Vachon in first part)
  • Les Denis Drolet : July 15 (Gatineau), 16 July (Mirabel), 17 July (Quebec city, with the singer Sara Dufour and the humorist Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais in the first part), 18 July (Bromont, with Sara Dufour and Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais)
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