Realization of Defense to enter: Jason Roy-Léveillée in the major leagues

Réalisation de Défense d’entrer: Jason Roy-Léveillée dans les ligues majeures

MONTREAL | Jason Roy-Léveillée does not hesitate for long when it was proposed to carry the series youth Defence to enter. A phone call to his friends Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge and Mariloup Wolfe, also accustomed to pass from the front to the back of the camera, was enough to convince him to make the jump to the big leagues.

“It was an offering on a silver platter, when I was offered to think about it”, portrayed in a big smile, Jason Roy-Léveillée, in an interview.

The actor and musician had often felt the experience of the realization for video clips (Lenni-Kim, Gardy Fury, Amélie Veille), short films and commercials, but he dreamed of rubbing to the fiction.

His ambition will be realized from September to November – if the COVID-19 allows to do, when he will give the first few turns of the crank in the filming of no entry, a project for pre-teens 8 to 12 years old, inspired by the book series of the same title.

If nothing changes, no entry should be relayed to HERE Radio-Canada Tv and on HERE Extra in may 2021.

Colorful world

Roy-Léveillée know Caroline Héroux (On your marks, party!, On the pace) from its infancy as an actor, in Lance et compte, 20 years ago.

The authors of the series of youth novels “no entry”, Caroline Héroux and his son Charles-Olivier Larouche, will see their work brought to the screen in a youth series produced by Jason Roy-Léveillée to ICI Radio-Canada, in 2021.

The producer is also the author, with his son Charles-Olivier Larouche, of the series of youth novels no entry!, published by the Éditions de la Bagnole. 13 volumes, published since 2014, is passed to more than 300 000 copies, and have also found their readership in Canada and Europe. Is non-negligible, between 70% and 80% of the fans of the franchise Defense to enter are boys.

The story is that of an 11 year old boy, Charles, nicknamed Lolo, which expresses in a book, his frustrations about his mother, father, older sister, 15-year-old and his little twin brothers seven years. The kid spends a lot of time in the punishment in his room, where he cries regularly to the injustice in front of the small tragedies, his own age, that he encounters in daily life.

“You’re going to live all the adventures through the eyes of the little boy, in a universe a little beyond reality, sums up Jason. Because, when it was 11 years old, everything is larger than life! It wants to re-create a side “cartoon, where everything looks like the end of the world, when the beautiful girl in the desk next to us looks in the class… I want to make an aesthetic language very colorful, organized chaos, with a narration of Charles the voice-overs.”

Jason Roy-Léveillée will even have to steer, on his plateau, sensitive to cold, the big shepherd English of the Charles family.

“I met him through video-conferencing. This is the dog of Caroline Héroux and [producer] Christian Larouche. I’m looking forward to as they begin to tame it!”, guffaws Jason Roy-Léveillée.

Rare pearl

Caroline Héroux wrote, together with Pierre Szalowski, the first 26 episodes of 30 minutes, which will focus on the first component of literary Defence to enter , and that will include some intrigue novel.

The distribution of Defence to enter, for both children and adults, is currently under construction. A distribution to the wild is underway to find the young perfect actor to portray Charles. Calls from recruitment in particular, were launched on social networks.

“This will be quite a challenge of shooting for a 11 year-old, because Charles is in all the episodes and almost all the scenes, reveals Jason Roy-Léveillée. We are looking for someone quite explosive, with a lot of repartee and humor. The character, even if he is in his teens and a little in the rebellion, has good values. I will have to find the rare pearl!”

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