“Realized the mistake”: the former bride Kozlowski Ramin was in a wheelchair

"Осознала ошибку": бывшая невеста Козловского Рамина оказалась в инвалидной коляске

today, 14:26

The ex-bride Ukrainian singer Vitaly Kozlovsky Ramin, during a holiday in Egypt greatly injured. About her fans she said in Instagram.

For publication she attached a photo which sits in a wheelchair and plastered leg.

[quote author=””]”your leg is OK, sprained ligaments. Did some kind of plaster, said to go

She also noted that there will be less to share with the fans details of his life.

“Actually, guys, I realized my mistake. More you don’t share anything. Either will do as other people – after the fact. Because a lot of coincidences: just share something, just some s*it happens most often with health,” admitted Ramin.

We will remind, Vitaly Kozlovsky went to celebrate the New year in the Mecca of Ukrainian workers.

As reported Know. ua Vitaliy Kozlovskiy originally congratulated fans with Christmas, so the tree will want to own every.

Also Know As. ua wrote that Vitaly Kozlovsky visited “on the edge”, and this is no joke.

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