Reassuring victory for Butler

Reassuring victory for Butler


Oh! That Camille Estephan was relieved! It seems like every one of Steven Butler's outings is a matter of life and death. Yet the big young man is pursuing a very fine career.

Yesterday he literally knocked out the tough Mark DeLuca in the second round of a title fight NABA, at the Casino de Montreal.

If the first round seemed complicated for Butler, he lengthened his jab in the second and hit DeLuca solidly with a right. The former Marine tried valiantly to get up, but his legs barely supported him.

“It was a very heavy blow. Sometimes it just takes one,” noted former world champion David Lemieux. working with his father Clint Butler and back with Rénald Boisvert, Butler seemed to have regained a confidence that his loss to Ryota Murata had shaken. In any case, it is a young but experienced boxer who returned to the locker room after leaving his signature: “Bang Bang “. 

I take a few lines to underline the intelligence of the fight led by Thomas Chabot against a Mexican client who was not so obvious. This young man has something special…


Roger Lavergne and Claude Vallée followed the gala with interest. yesterday at the Casino. And they were eager to watch the last two fights of the evening. Those of Arslanbek Makhmudov and Steven Butler. 

If the two won last night, we should find them on December 16 in Shawinigan.

It's simple, we're going to offer the Mauricie three finals, supports Roger Lavergne, the president of the Cataractes and partner of Camille Estephan. We are counting on a title fight for Mary Spencer, whose wife is from Shawinigan, and two heavyweight battles with Simon Kean and Arslanbek Makhmudov. 

And Camille Estephan was waiting for the result of the fight of Butler to add his name to the map.

Proof that it will be big, Michel Angers, the mayor of Shawinigan, sat with Estephan. No one has seen Valérie Plante.

And on October 27 in Gatineau, we will have the pleasure of seeing Junior Ulysse again. In the final, of course. 


Promoter Yvon Michel is still actively working to complete a fight in Colombia for Oscar Rivas. “Kaboom” was scheduled to defend his Bridgerweight title on August 13 against Lukasz Rozanski in Cali. The fight has been postponed and now we are busy presenting it on October 29 in Barranquilla, a city of wealthy located seven kilometers from the Caribbean Sea. 

It seems that the fight money is available. The problem would be to guarantee it to ensure that the boxers receive their millions after the fight.

In Quebec, it is the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux that gives the checks to the boxers.

But it is an open secret that the boxers sign two contracts. One filed with the Régie and another sometimes from the State of Nevada, whose promoter respects the clauses on his own. 

Basically, it would be simple. Just to send the money to Michel Hamelin in Thetford Mines. Will not miss a penny.


And about Michel Hamelin, we noticed once again his presence at the Casino for the final with Arslanbek Makhmudov. Hamelin will often complete assignments for the WBC and NABF. His reputation has long since exceeded the borders of Quebec.

However, we noted the absence of Paul Dubé. We wish him a speedy recovery. 

Spencer vs. Dicaire?

Will we have the chance to attend a championship fight between Mary Spencer and Marie-Eve Dicaire? 

Marie-Ève ​​received a purse of $125,000 to face Claressa Shield. Yvon Michel hopes to snatch $150,000 for a unification fight against Natasha Jonas, WBO champion. England seem willing to pay big bucks for women's fights.

Spencer was present last night at the Cabaret du Casino. She replaced as analyst Russ Anber for a fight. By the way, if you missed it, Russ left RDS to come to TVA Sports.

If I understood correctly, we could have Dicaire against Spencer if someone is ready to pay $151,000 to the champion? 

It would be playable for a promoter ready to present the fight in a room that can hold at least 5000 people. With American and Quebec TV, there would even be a possible profit.

Besides, Yvon Michel hopes to attract at least 4000 fans for Kim Clavel's fight at Place Bell in Laval in December.< /p>

At some point, we're going to have to leave the Casino to go out into the world. The post-pandemic will eventually fade. 

In the meantime, Dicaire has until December 17 to defend his IBF title. Unless there is a reunification or a pregnancy.


I was wondering yesterday what the street of Mobile could mean . The only Mobile I know of is the town in Alabama, not far from the Gulf of Mexico, immortalized in the Jerry Reed song Guitar Man: ” Till I found myself in Mobile Alabama… At a club they call Big Jack's ».

Well, that was the right Mobile. Mylène Richard, head of the sports desk, sent me all the information. Rue de Mobile was named in honor of the 250th anniversary of the founding of Mobile, Alabama by d'Iberville and de Bienville who erected Fort Louis there in 1702. The baptism took place in 1950.


We're going to spend a less ignorant day…

Victory reassuring for Butler