Rebecca Black a victim of cyber-harassment after “Friday” : his message would be upsetting

Rebecca Black victime de cyber-harcèlement après "Friday" : son message bouleversant

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Rebecca Black a victim of cyber-harassment after “Friday” : his message would be upsetting

9 years ago, Rebecca Black released “Friday”, who quickly became in the eyes of some the “worst song in the world”. Worse, she received in return many criticisms, insults and death threats. Nine years later, the singer who has been a victim of cyber-harassment was held to send a message would be upsetting to the little girl of 13 years she was at the time.

In 2011, Rebecca Black released Friday, his first single, quickly dubbed “the worst song in the world”. But if the critics came in the video clip, the attacks and insults towards his interpreter were yet more numerous and strident on the social networks, to such an extent that she received death threats. Aged only 13 at the time, Rebecca Black has been “one of the first people to make the experience of online harassment on a large scale”, as she confided in a letter to open in 2017.

Rebecca Black a victim of cyber-harassment after Friday

This Monday 10 February 2020, nine years after the release of the clip, she was keen to send a message particularly upsetting to the teenager that she was at the time, and who has been the victim of harassment throughout her teenage years. “Above all, I wish I could go back in time and talk to the 13 year old girl that I was, so ashamed and so scared by the world. The 15 year old daughter who had the impression of not having anybody to talk to about the depression that she has suffered. The 17 year old girl who went to school in order to get to throw food on it, as well as on its friends.“, she wrote.

A message would be upsetting

If the song Friday has made her a true phenomenon, it has also closed doors and lost all confidence in it : “To the daughter of 19-year-old almost all of the producers/composers have said that they will not work ever with it. And the brothel, than I was a few days ago, disgusted when she looked in a mirror ! I try to remind myself that each day is a new opportunity to transform our reality and raise our spirit. You are not defined by a single choice or a single thing. Time heals the wounds, and nothing is final. It is a journey that there is always time to undertake. So, let’s go”. A message that has touched many viewers who have supported it, while others, who have participated in the cyber-harassment have made their mea culpa with a performer of “Saturday”.

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